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Recap: KG, Celtics frye the Suns


Nice headline, huh? Very Boston Herald of me.

Some of you are probably pissed off that the Suns whittled a 29-point Celtics 3rd quarter lead down to 8 midway through the 4th quarter. The Suns reserves destroyed the Celtics second and third unit combo, forcing Doc to return the starting 5 back to the floor. Fortunately they were able to flip the switch and hold off Phoenix 115-103.

I'd rather focus on the positive. Kevin Garnett (28 points, 12-14FG, 11 rebounds, 3 assists, 2 blocks) played with a very large chip on his shoulder. He was clearly out to embarrass Channing Frye – the man with the most sensitve nut sack on the planet.

The Celtics offense was beautiful, especially in the 2nd and 3rd quarters. Their ball movement was crisp and efficient. Rajon Rondo (16 points, 15 assists) was hitting guys in stride. All the Cs were making the extra pass. In a nutshell, they were the anti-Heat.

This game was chippy. KG was in Frye's face all night. Paul Pierce got a questionable technical foul for taunting after throwing down a gorgeous left-handed dunk on Frye. Alvin Gentry clearly got under Doc's skin by calling timeouts with the game out of reach. Jarrod Dudley hammered Rondo as he launched a three point shot as the game clock expired.

Glen Davis limped off the court with 49 seconds left. The injury appears to be to his left ankle or knee. The replay showed Davis came down clean, but he was in obvious pain. If you want my blatant speculation, I'd say it might be a foot strain or fracture.

UPDATE: Carolyn Manno tweets: MRI for Baby tom on left knee…says its been bothering him all year, to pt where he thought he may not be able to play at times

2nd UPDATE: Greg Dickerson reports Davis is suffering from a left knee patella strain.

Vince Carter and Channing Frye bumped heads while running an inbounds play. Carter was down for several minutes. Neither player returned. As the play unfolded and both guys collapsed to the floor, my initial reaction was – What did KG do now?

Steve Nash picked up a technical foul after berating the officials in the 2nd quarter. The camera captured Nash saying "F-you" twice to the official. It was as if he was trying to get ejected, but the officials wouldn't toss him.

Troy Murphy (1 point, 2 rebounds) played 14 unimpressive minutes. In the post game presser, Doc Rivers said he was gassed. Troy is going to have to work his way back into shape.

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  • Baby’s injury scares me.. Looked like it was an Achilles injury to me, and those are the worst kind. We’ll see

  • As long as Big Baby does not live up to his nickname everything will be fine.

  • Baby says left knee has been bothering him all year. Makes sense as to why he was relying on the jumper so much and why he seems to be struggling as of late. Hate to say it, but this might be just what he needs-to be stopped dead in his tracks with a reality-check. Injured or not, his play has been subpar, and he’s looked both tentative and over-aggressive. I really hope it’s nothing serious, but this just may wake him the f up. Oh and by the way, KG absolutely POOPED all over Channing Frye like a baby with diarrhea.

  • Dickerson says its a patella tendon strain. Not sure how serious that is…

  • KG was frickin possessed tonite. Steve Nash got his panties all bunched up too. Baby’s knee kinda put a damper on the win though. Maybe they need Leon afterall.

  • Just read on realgm that Pavlovic is in.

  • I missed the part when KG got a tech towards the end, what happened there?

  • Reading an online prognosis, it seems Baby will probably be out til the playoffs. It seems Murphy will certainly get the minutes to play himself into shape.

  • Was it me or was this a horribly officiated game?

  • Can’t wait to see Greenlights on this game… For some reason the had this game on NBA TV, but I got some other game.

  • Yes with Melo going to Knicks there was a last minute change by NBA TV. C’s/Suns was chosen at start of season.

  • Wow…I’m hoping Baby back mid March so he can get some rust off. TG Murphy chose here.
    Krstic is looking like a great pick up. He’s learning the defensive schemes FAST. Nifty around the basket too.
    KG is showing he will dominate lesser forwards going…er…forward. Easily his best game all year. The Suns ran into the Big Four, they were all spectacular tonight. Welcome home Celtics!

  • Can we stop talking about Steve Nash as a top 5 PG? You can’t be considered elite when you suck so hard on Defense.