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C’s sign Pavlovic

RedsArmyAdmin March 2, 2011 Uncategorized 8 Comments on C’s sign Pavlovic

This just makes what we already expected official

BOSTON — After losing out to the Dallas Mavericks in their quest to add freshly bought out Corey Brewer, the Celtics are set to sign veteran swingman Sasha Pavlovic to add depth at the swingman position, a league source confirmed. 

Pavlovic, a 6-foot-7 wing player with ability to hit the 3-pointer, provides an emergency option behind Paul Pierce and Jeff Greenshould the ever-present injury bug get sting-happy again in the Celtics' locker room again. Boston navigated the early portion of the season with only Pierce and Marquis Daniels at that spot, but a freak spinal injury to Daniels led to an overhaul at the position (including the move to trade starting center Kendrick Perkins in the deal that brought in Green from Oklahoma City).  

That's it right there.  Might as well cal Sasha "Geico" cuz he's insurance.  He might not every play much at all

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  • So we’re done?
    Funny, we are starting to look like the Suns….

  • With a far superior defense.

  • So you guys picked up a Dallas/New Orleans reject? I promise I won’t even mention the Cavaliers. Oops I did it again.
    Nice move Danny.

  • You love bashing Ainge for making moves he had no other choice to make. Who would you choose in this buy out market? Ainge has acquired Murphy/Pav/player-to-be-named and two 2nd rounders for Semih/Harrongody and an injured Marquis Daniels…Boston, while no longer elite at Center in terms of defense, now has depth everywhere:
    Bigs: KG, Baby, Shaq, Krstic, Murphy, JO
    SF: PP, J Green, Pav
    Guards: Rondo, Ray Allen, Delonte, Wafer, Avery Bradley
    Meanwhile your precious Lakers (assuming that’s the bridge you crawled out from – your yet to have the guts to mention which team you follow) have done NOTHING and have had no buy outs heading there way.

  • Team allegiance has nothing to do with my comments on the moves Boston has made. You may be right in that Ainge had no choice but to pick from the garbage heap. But this is directly a result of the mistakes he made over the summer.
    JO was a good signing? For a MLE? I hope you didn’t support that move. Also I don’t want to speak bad about an injured player but the Daniels signing was also questionable.
    As I am not a fan of the Celtics I can view the moves more objectively than a fan that will look at them through the eyes of a homer. You may not like what I have to say but it should give you reason to ponder and see things as they really are.

  • as a man from Ohio who has seen him play a ton this statement is a Lie!!!!!!!!Pavlovic, a 6-foot-7 wing player with ability to hit the 3-pointer

  • Still bringing up the same tired story. So I too will repeat myself…
    The signing of Brendon Haywood at 11 mil per this past year overvalued the Center position that Summer AND for the foreseeable future. What the C’s needed most was a starting C and, being over the cap, only had the MLE to nab one. JO had played over 70 games the previous year so Ainge bit. It was really the only choice, which so far has been the wrong choice. If Perk was healthy then Boston would have chased a back up to PP last Summer instead.
    As for Marquis you have no concept of being over the cap and how that limits a team’s flexibility to sign players. Were he healthy I’d be fine with Daniels as the back up 3 esp at $2M and change.
    Your unwillingness to reveal your favorite team comes across as dishonesty not being objective.

  • Oh and back to the original point Murphy + Pav + Player to be named later (or saved $$) + 2 2nd rounders is better than done-for-the-year-get-better-soon-Quis + Semih + Gody. Why would you feel otherwise?