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Your Morning Dump… Where KG is locked in


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Kevin Garnett is Kevin Garnett again: In the midst of all the turmoil, Garnett has very quietly run off a string of double-doubles on this West Coast trip. After scoring 18 points to go with 14 rebounds he now has seven in his last eight games. Garnett was at his best, though, on the defensive end, where he switched over to Al Jefferson late in the game and shut the big man down.

The key moment came when Garnett and Jefferson were called for double technicals late in the fourth quarter. The T’s didn’t stop the chatter between the two players and Jefferson was obviously primed to get the ball and score. He got the ball, but Garnett gave ground at the right moment and caused a travel. It was a classic veteran trap and Jefferson fell right into it.

WEEI – New Celtics, Familiar results

Lost among all the hoopla surrounding the Celtics/OKC trade is the recent play of Kevin Garnett. In his last 5 games, he's averaging 16.8 ppg, 12.0 rpg, 3.4 apg, 1.4 spg while shooting 50%.

It doesn't matter if it's Kendrick Perkins, Nenad Krstic or me playing center for the Celtics, KG is the anchor of this team.

Gotta love the doubters who have been waiting to pounce since the trade:

Win or lose, this was not the strongest night for Boston fans who defended the Perk trade.

3 issues w/ Perk leaving: having to rely on Baby exclusively in crunch-time; interior D; Green stepping up. 0 for 3 tonight. Ray saved us.

That's Bill Simmons. The intelligent fan knows that Glen Davis generally plays much better that what we saw last night. And that Shaq will be around to help.

On the buyout front, nothing has changed much since last night. The Cs are interested in Corey Brewer and Troy Murphy is deciding between Boston and Miami.

On Page 2, Delonte's injury isn't a big deal.

“It’s not a bad sprain,’’ coach Doc Rivers said. “If it was a playoff game, he’d play. But you know how we are now. [He might even miss tomorrow’s] game, and then he’ll be back after that.’’

“I don’t even think they noticed today,’’ Rivers said. “We were doing film and I said, ‘Delonte’s not here.’ The guys were looking around. I don’t even think they count anymore who’s in the room and who’s not. They just kind of focus on what they have to do and move forward.’’

Center Shaquille O’Neal is likely to miss one to two more weeks because of an inflamed Achilles’ tendon, and center Jermaine O’Neal is likely out another three to four weeks after undergoing arthroscopic knee surgery in January.

“We have every reason to believe and continue to believe that Shaq and J.O. will be healthy,’’ president of basketball operations Danny Ainge said.

Globe – West is back on the shelf

Even though I'd love to see him go several weeks w/o any type of knick or bruise, this is great news about Delonte.

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  • Simmons is just like everyone else now when it comes to the C’s. I wonder if he watches enough. They always play Baby in the 4th quarter.
    And to get on Green for an 0-3 right now is not fair. Give the kid time as Doc experiments with him and he gets acclimated.
    The interior D was an issue last night, and some of that can be attributed to Krstic getting lost. If that keeps happening, it will be an issue. If it doesn’t, then it will get better. It won’t be the same as when Perk is here… but it won’t be as bad as last night.

  • D

    Simmons is a narcissistic douce bag who thinks he’s more important than he is. Does anyone name drop more than him? I’ve put no stock into anything Simmons has said now for 2 to 3 years. He’s always pissed me off with his assessment of Doc as a coach. He’s gone Hollywood and they can keep him. He’s going to realize soon that most of Boston laughs at him rather than with him and he is slowing becoming irrelevant on Causway Way St.

  • I stopped at Big Baby in crunch time. It’s obvious who watches Celtics games and who doesn’t.
    The interior defense was pretty porous last night and Nenad and Jeff definitely need extra practice time without a doubt.
    Defense is effort. It will come.

  • Ehh..Simmons can be annoying, but the guy knows his basketball (just wrote a damn good 700 page book on the subject). Also I would be a little more then skeptical about trusting your pronouncement that “Shaq will be back soon”. Whats the most games hes played in a row this year? Still open on the trade, but lets not decide it was the right move just yet, Baby was TERRIBLE last night.

  • Simmons is a chicken little. Though he is a big fan of the Celtics, and everything Boston, he will seize every opportunity to criticize them. Whether it’s warranted or not. He’s the most pessimistic die-hard there ever was.