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Perk’s getting almost $35 million

So it turns out the Thunder did renegotiate Perk's deal this year… and in turn they gave him a deal that will ultimately be worth just under $9 million per year.  That's $11 million more over the course of the extension than the Celtics could have given him.  Woj also reports there are clauses which could add more money to the deal.

Shrewd move by Sam Presti in OKC.  Perk probably could have gotten more but he filled a need and he did so without breaking the bank.  

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  • G4L

    This deal is good for everyone. Good for Perk for getting security before the new CBA comes out, good for the Thunder who traded for a Solid Center & extended him, & good for the Celtics that perk is staying in the West and not possibly going to the Heat or Knicks.

  • That’s some good money for Beast. And I’m certainly glad that DA didn’t hold out for the kinda cash when we have the opportunity to poach Dwight Howard from Orlando.
    Perk now is making the money he deserves, while also playing for the only promising team in West over the next 5 or so years. It’s very possible that he can win a couple more rings. Won’t be this year, but he’s got a bright future with Durant and Westbrook.

  • good job Perk

  • Now a part of Boston’s pitch for Howard would be how he wouldn’t have to go through Perk to get to the Finals. That and Rondo is incapable of camping behind the three point line so Howard could say goodbye to that feast-or-famine offensive attack.
    Way to go Perk and my new 2nd favorite team the Thunder.

  • charlie sheen says Win!