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Murphy needs more than a number

Most funny things on Twitter start with Russ Bengtson.  And when the news broke that Troy Murphy was signing with Boston, he said "Troy Murphy's number in Boston should just be a shamrock."

So I got to thinking.  The C's really only have like five numbers they can use anymore.  So why not give Murphy something more than a number to appropriately capture his time in Boston.


Russ's idea come to life.  Plus, somewhere, someone said something like "Come one, a kid named Murphy who went to Notre Dame playing for the Celtics?  It's too perfect."  I'd look it up but I'm lazy.   


Another result of my back and forth with Russ.  We might need a few of these after realizing how excited we got for Troy Murphy.

Murphy soap

This will be great for the parquet. (Thanks RJ)

Murphys law

This is where the highest concentration of Troy Murphy jerseys wll be found. 

Dropkick murphys

Cuz I've heard their music a billion times today

Good will hunting

Troy… it's not your fault.

It's not your fault.

It's not your fault.

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  • OK, I’m convinced. We traded away 1 guy who had no offensive game and another with no defensive game and got 3 quality players who can play both.

  • The Celtics retired too many numbers. The only numbers they should have retired are 6, 14, 17, 32, 33, and 00. I’m not trying to say that the other players aren’t good enough to have their numbers retired, but I think the Celtics should make only the very best get numbers retired, because otherwise the Celtics would have to give new players numbers in the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s in 30 years. Most teams only have 1-4 numbers retired, and even the Lakers haven’t retired a lot of numbers, even though they’ve had a lot of really good players. I think that getting your number retired by any team should be a lot harder than getting into the Hall of Fame. And personally, I would see it as an honor that someone would want to wear my jersey #, so why retire it? Maybe keep the banners up, but allow people to wear their numbers. Make it more of a Celtics Hall of Fame, instead of retiring numbers forever.

  • “Fisher’s Muscles”?? I’m afraid to ask….

  • I don’t get it. Who do you take off this list? Aside from #1 and #2, I’ll give you those.
    When you win 11 titles in 13 years, you are bound to have some numbers worth retiring.
    And who would you add to this list? Not many people from the past – probably a few from the current era will be added, but not many/any missing from the Lakers history.

  • It’s not so much of adding to the Lakers, but subtracting from the Celtics. George Mikan and a couple other players on the Minny teams that won 5 championships aren’t retired, and that’s not just because they were in Minneapolis. I just don’t think that it’s impossible for 1 team to have like 5 guys on the roster in 1 year that are worth retiring. It’s just not possible, even though there were only like 8 teams in Russell’s era. Only Kobe will get his number retired by the Lakers, and honestly I think only Paul Pierce should get his number retired by the Celtics, not KG or Ray, even if they finish their careers in Boston. If they win another championship, then it’s a possibility, but if you join a team after you’re already 30, you can’t really be considered one of the greatest in franchise history, even if you’re Kobe or Garnett. If Kobe joined the Celtics this year, I wouldn’t think that he should get his number retired unless they 3-peated with him. I don’t think Pau Gasol’s number should be retired by the Lakers even if they 3-peat this season. Same with Fisher, just because he’s only been a role player on the championship teams, not a star.
    And don’t ask about the name haha

  • Murphy’s soap was my favorite…

  • Still plenty of numbers to go around. the 40’s and 50’s are wide open!
    I’ll give you #1, #2 and Easy Ed, that is it. You would limit it to 6, 14, 17, 32, 33 & 00?
    So no Cornbread (2 titles, 1 Finals MVP) no DJ (HOF, 2 titles w/ C’s), no JoJo (2 titles, 1 Finals MVP), no Tommy (8 titles as an all star player), no Satch (8 titles in a 13 year Celtic career), no Cowens (no comment on that one, just ignorant to leave a top 50 player off your list), Don Nelson (titles, years), Sharman (an O.G.), Ramsey (an O.G.), Sam and K.C. (again, no comment needed for either), Reggie (out of respect)…how do you take them off this list?
    And, excuse me – Wilt? 4 year Laker? And you wanna say we retire #’s quickly!!!
    Jamaal Wilkes? Eh. Byron Scott? No. Who else?

  • Keep lying to yourself. At best the changes are a wash.

  • It’s no hard to have your number retired with the Celtics. Quantity over quality I guess.