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Murphy chooses Boston

There was a lot of confusion there for a while with ESPN reporting Murphy would sign with the Celtics and Yahoo saying he was going with Miami… which is why Marc Stein said it the way he said it.

In the end… Troy Murphy will be a Celtic.  So let me be the first of every blog to play Dropkick Murphys "Shipping up to Boston"

Woo!!  We got ourselves a 4th guy off the bench!!!

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  • Crazy stuff, I have officially become addicted to twitter since the start of the trade deadline. Great to see this news unfold live!

  • I’m surprised he’s coming here, honestly, considering the severe lack of bigs in Miami.

  • And once again – liek I said the other Day – Mark J. Spears hasn’t been right abotu one single thing this trading/buyout deadline. Not one.
    dude should just quit.

  • Love the move. I think Troy can really help this team, especially on offense.
    Although the last time we brought in a floor-spacing big man was Rasheed…

  • They have a severe lack of a lot of things it takes to win a championship. That’s probably more what this is about.

  • and he was 38, and had a gut bigger than Cee-Lo.

  • So now – hmm….
    Jason Kapono, or Corey Brewer?
    Leon Powe, or Chris “Stick Figure” Johnson?

  • Leon Powe,Corey Brewer

  • Nice recovery, Mark: (NOT)
    Marc J. Spears: Murphy’s agent Dan Fegan on Y! Sports report:”This is my fault. I was getting dozens of texts and responded ‘yes’ on Miami when I meant to say no.” about 9 minutes ago
    LOL. Fail.

  • Powe is a no brainer…we traded our away our beast in Perk, we need a replacement. 🙂 And I don’t know what it is but Johnson gives me a good vibe…plus I think we’re fine for perimeter scoring from the bench (Wafer, Delonte, Green), we really need an additional healthy big man.
    Kid does need to hit the gym, though.

  • meh, not very excited about the Irish LaFrentz

  • Agreed, Powe & Brewer. Brewer can defend and Leon can score in the post and hit his free throws.
    I’m not a fan of Troy Murphy’s game, but hopefully this works out.

  • Powe doesn’t inspire ANY concern in me were he to go elsewhere. As a mascot and good will gesture he would be ideal.
    I would go for Brewer (situational defender) and Kapono (situational shooter). CJ over Kapono would be cool to hang around if only to have a gazelle on the court at center. It would also be way easier since the C’s are already retaining him.
    Hey John to other teams getting a fourth guy off the bench sounds insignificant but you just never know with the C’s health concerns.

  • Powe would be nice to bring back, is he still damaged goods? Stick Figure needs to stay, and maybe stay a few years, get some development and meat on his bones, just like Perk did.

  • Ainge has always won with defense. It seems we have gone the other way for now.
    We need a backup PG unless they hope for A-Brad can grow up in a hurry

  • Murphy is a volume rebounder – I repeat Murphy is a volume rebounder, KG is the only other rebounder we have. Shaq gets 5, JO – none yet, Kristic will get a few. Murphy has been a 10 board guy for most of his career.
    And don’t get Spears and Stein mixed up. One guy knows his shit the other doesn’t.

  • charlie sheen says Win!

  • AP

    Murphy is a licensed spray tanner (youtube “Troy Murphy feature”). If nothing else this may help with distracting the the Miami crowds. 😛

  • Murph Man has been a pretty underrated player. A lot like Mehmet Okur…the guy’s big, goofy and white so from a distance he looks like a stiff but if healthy, Murph man can most definitely contribute to this team. Guy can shoot and clean the glass.
    No idea what to expect from him on D though.

  • Murphy is a volume rebounder – I repeat Murph is a volume rebounder. Other than KG who else rebounds for us??? That’s why we need him….as a bonus he can hit the jumper and so u can’t leave him. He’s an excellent signing.

  • Lex

    I’m struggling with the 4th guy off the bench reference
    This assumes shaq starts, JO doesn’t return, and we are discounting Baron Von Wafer

  • Its a start…

  • Lex

    We are all irrationally exuberant about troy.
    But let me go even further and say WE ABSOLUTELY NEED COREY BREWER FOR THE PLAYOFFS.
    He would be HUGE.
    8-12 minutes of a 6-9 guy guarding smaller wings.
    Get CB!

  • And if he could he would be a great defender. He won’t though. Say it with me, “Doc doesn’t play rookies!”
    Gonna need to keep fingers crossed on D West.

  • Great pick-up Danny, How did he convince him to come? I felt for sure he was going to Miami last night, again Job well-done Danny, and I would like the Brewer pick-up, and I highly doubt he won’t be in Boston this week sometime, #TeamCeltics, lets get this thing rolling to Banner #18

  • Twitter was meant for teenage girls. Have you seen some of the garbage that is tweeted?