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Kobe disses Lamar on national tv

A sharp viewer caught Kobe Bryant throwing towels. Again. The victim this time? His Laker teammate Lamar Odom during Sunday's win over the Thunder.

After Odom bricks 2 free-throws at a crucial juncture of the contest, Kobe shows his disdain by chucking a sweaty towel in the Candyman's grill. For one of the NBA's best he sure acts like a little girl sometimes:


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  • what a DICK!

  • Classic Kobe attitude!

  • kobe is a freakin’ a-hole, but I can’t say I feel bad for lamar kardashian.

  • I don’t have a problem with Kobe there…I’d be pissed too…though I wouldn’t react like that…but than again I’m not one of the best players in the game. You gotta figure that it’s Odom’s fault for not having a pair and taking that crap from Kobe.
    That being said, I love it when the guys on my team are stone cold like that, that’s why I’m all for KG being mentally unstable on the court. Attitudes like that remind me of the infamous 3 point contest when Bird said: “Which one of you assholes is coming in second?” before taking out the trash without taking off his coat…difference being, he wasn’t trashing his own teammate in the final seconds of a legit game…

  • And what a SHOCK…..NO NATIONAL OUTRAGE because it’s Kobe and the Lakers. If this had been KG?? OOOOOOOOHHHHH JEEEEESUS CHRIIIIIIST he would be getting KILLED by LAKERSPN.

  • and you too can be a DICK http://www.kobeacademy.com

  • Indeed.

  • Media sucks up to Kobe, so he’ll talk to them. Lamar can’t stand up to him, because he’d be cutting his own throat. When the Lakers lose this year, maybe Kobe will show the national audience what an a–hole he is. When Phil retires, Laers will be a mess.
    New on Twitter as:

  • Its not news Kobe is a shitty teammate.

  • A bit of an overreaction but definitely the right idea for him to start being publicly tougher with his teammates to get them going. Maybe it is the right idea to view the season with a laissez-faire type of attitude, especially if you’re the two-time defending champs (puke); but the Lakers to me aren’t the right team this year to embrace that style. Gotta start playing better.

  • Kobe way encouraging Candyman to wipe that perfume off his neck…

  • And to think a few years ago Kobe was getting the MVP chant in Boston. Way to turn on your hero Celtic fans.