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Another Perkins shocker: He signs extension with OKC

I'm as confused by this Kendrick Perkins news as I was by the trade. 

Perk has signed an extension with Oklahoma City

The Oklahoma City Thunder has agreed to terms on a contract extension for Kendrick Perkins, the 6-foot-10 center acquired via trade with Boston last Thursday, The Oklahoman has learned.

Terms of the deal were not immediately known, but Perkins is eligible for a four-year extension. Perkins earlier this season had turned down a four-year offer worth approximately $22 million from the Celtics.

With the two sides agreeing to a deal now, the risk of Perkins leaving the Thunder as an unrestricted free agent this summer has been removed.

Perkins said in his introductory press conference Saturday that he wanted to be in Oklahoma City for “the long haul.”

“I hope I can be here,” Perkins said. “I (want to) be here. I couldn’t find a better situation for myself. I really want to be here. It’s just a great organization.”

The most he could sign for with Oklahoma City is the same deal he was offered in Boston, regardless of their cap situation.  The Thunder and the Celtics are both bound by the same rules in the collective bargaining agreement.  So unless I'm grossly mistaken, the Thunder could simply not offer him any more than the could have.

Let's be clear here:  Kendrick Perkins is leaving a LOT of money on the table here.  I don't care what the new collective bargaining agreement would be… he'd get more than between $5-$6 million a year.  Hell even if he wanted to stay in OKC long term, he could have gotten more than that. 

So he turned down the Celtics offer at this money… even though he said he wanted to be nowhere but here.  Then he accepts OKC offer at this money… why?  Was he so pissed at the trade that he wanted to make Danny Ainge look bad?  By giving up what could really amount to $15-$20 million?  Really?  

Or is it that Perk really wasn't planning on being here long term after all?  If he was so bent on staying here, then why not take the money he was obviously willing to take somewhere else?  We'll need some clarification, I guess, before we find out for sure.

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  • Wtf is going on with Perkins… I would really love an explanation to the extension as well. I guess he really didn’t want to stay in Boston.

  • If OKC has cap room, would that affect the situation? If they were allowed to give him an immediate raise, that would make an extension that’s based on current salary worth more.
    If he really did take the same money from a different team, Danny is above reproach. Again.

  • Perhaps he just wanted some stability for his family after he saw the stress of moving across the country first-hand.
    Whatever the reason, someone has got to do some kinda tell all interview.

  • Sounds like his injuries are getting the best of him, and his agent convinced him to take the short deal Danny offered him the first time, because he won’t make it to the end of this season, and likely won’t get anywhere near a max deal.
    He took what was on the table, because the table will likely be empty next year if he can’t play. and if there’s a lockout, he’d get nothing for 2 years.

  • RAS

    This might be a good situation for Perk. A young, good team that will dominate and be on top of the Western Conference in the near future. He will be closer to home and his family in Texas. Plus, cost of living is basically free out there (not that it would be an issue anywhere else).

  • He knew what he was doing by not signing extension with C’s
    Took the risk to explore market.
    Circumstances changed (quisy). Trade.
    Conclusion – his move was bad.
    New circumstances. Took what was on the table, not to make the same mistake again. Period.
    I personally don’t like authors view.
    Laws of business dont work backwards.
    Perk did what C’s did moved on, took feelings aside and took care of his business.