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A possible explanation for why Perk’s deal got done

Twitter turned into a collection of salary cap detectives in the past hour and we've found a possible explanation for why Perk suddenly accepted an extension from the Oklahoma City Thunder.  It comes from Matt Moore… who points us in the direction of this piece from Sham Sports

By simultaneously acquiring cap space with the underpaid Kenny Perk, OKC can now do a Baltche with him. OKC can use their cap space to renegotiate Perkins's current $4,640,208 salary up to as much $6,696,720. From there, they can concurrently offer a new four year extension totalling a a maximum of $33,818,436, or any number below that that they feel happier with. 

Add in the extra negotiated salary, and that's over $35 million for four years that OKC can theoretically offer him, as-near-as-is $9 million per. In contrast, Boston could only offer circa $6 million per. It's a significant difference.

So it possible (emphasis on possible because we don't know the full details yet) that OKC gave Perk ALMOST what he was asking for on the open market… minus a bit of a hometown discount.  

In this time of uncertainty over a new collective bargaining agreement… and the health of his knees… getting just about what you were looking for isn't a bad thing.  

If this is how it all went down, the credit Sam Presti with another win.  

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  • I know it’s from the other blog, but “Kenny” Perk??

  • Boston would have had to pony up this or more.
    Congrats to Perk for getting his payday and with the Thunder. Should he stay healthy this was a great situation for both sides.
    This kinda puts pressure on Danny to have J Green work out and get extended for reasonable $$. Green with Rondo as a core nucleus for the future would ramp up the athleticism.

  • Wow. That is a LOT of money for Perkins. No way I would have gone that far had I been Ainge.