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Someone please stuff a sock in Stephen A’s throat?


Because every time Stephen A. Smith opens his yapper around here… he says something like this that just melts my frontal lobe. 

“He was alluding [in June] to coming back once the trading deadline expired if the Celtics needed him, that he would think about it,” Smith said. “And throughout this year, he had been saying one day, he wants to come back, the other day, he doesn’t want to come back. … He was going back and forth throughout the year. One day he wants to come back, another day he doesn’t want to come back. One minute he’s thinking about going to Orlando, the next minute he misses all the boys he was with in Boston last year.

“So, I simply said I think he’s going to end up coming back to Boston, because I believe that Boston is going to be the team that fights the Lakers for the world championship, and I believe that Doc Rivers is the ultimate motivator. And I think if you have an opportunity to play for Doc Rivers for a couple of months, that’s not something that you’re going to turn down. I still believe that. I still believe that Rasheed Wallace is going to come back.”

Stop. Just…. just stop.  I've already had this debate on Twitter… but we really… REALLY need to get past this whole Sheed fascination. 

Aside from a few decent playoff games, he was mind-numbingly frustrating last year.  It took him all season long to get into any kind of shape…. so imagine what he'll be if he comes back after all this time off.

No… no thanks.  I'm perfectly happy rationalizing Troy Murphy.  Don't throw this in our laps.  I'm already developing an ulcer just thinking about what the comments will look like on this post.

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  • The NBA Twitterverse and the hoops blogs are all saying the Celtics are going to try to sign BOTH Murphy and Bibby to keep them from going to the Heat, Bulls, or the Lakers.
    Sheed isn’t coming back.

  • At least Sheed can defend, and he’s prob in as good a shape as either Shaq or JO. Hell, prob better than either. Murphy cant cover my grandmother.
    Is this Danny’s plan, sign all the rejects so they dont go to Miami?

  • By re-tweeting Steven A’s comments, you dignify this “story”.

  • “Rasheed Wallace is NOT walking through that door”.. *Rick Pitino voice*

  • Get Murphy or RIP if he gets bought out, and keep this Chris Johnson guy for the season. He’s raw but he hustles and its fun to see a running B-squad out there.

  • Makes sense. Better to stockpile pieces that could improve other contenders than bring on the likes of Powe, Butler and Sheed.

  • +1 for CJ if Doc will play him for rest of regular season.

  • I would say bring back Leon Powe (to at least help repair some of the chemistry issues on the team AND because Powe knows the system), Bibby and Troy Murphy. Send back the D-League kid. I like the kid but he looks flimsy out there and can be easily pushed. I like his effort and hustle but I think he is best suited in the D-League.

  • It’s a non story. We hope.
    Still waiting for remaining buy outs before Tuesday. Jared Jeffries will clear waivers on Tuesday. I understand he’s supposed o be going to Knicks, but why? Is it a pre arranged deal? I’m hoping Danny has a pre arranged deal for a buy out big man. Whole trade would be a home run if we came away with a Camby, Przybilla, or Dalembert for this year and have a plan to make a run a Howard in 2012.
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  • Camby or Prz or Delambert would make Ainge’s activity amazing.

  • According to Flannery, None if those 3 will happen. I think Prz is still possible. He wants to go bact to Port, but maybe he'd agree tp finsh season in
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  • I honestly don’t like Rasheed. It seems like all he did was stay up along the three point line. That wasn’t the reason we got him. The Celtics needed him to be down low, getting those boards, and he never really did that. Also, he rarely ran up the court, unlike Chris Johnson. I don’t mind that guy. He hustles up and down the court. He’s tall. He gets boards. He’s young and in great condition… unlike JO who hasn’t really played much at all this season. Not that it truly matters if he’s healthy. He’s always in foul trouble three minutes into the game. I say the C’s should give Johnson a longer chance to help out. We don’t know for sure if the Celtics are getting Murphy or anyone else. We don’t know for sure if JO and Shaq will get better soon and we don’t know how long they’ll last once they get back… as seen with Delonte who already sprained his ankle (I really really hope he gets better soon and that it’s not serious. He gave a good boost of energy coming off the bench and is really the only back up point guard for Rondo and Rondo can’t keep playing tons of minutes each game). My point is, Johnson could be really helpful for the Celtics if they keep him around. He’s not great, but he’s decent for a rookie. It also allows Doc to give the other bigs a break.