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Recap before the recap: Celtics @ Jazz

We're trying something new with our preview.  We're basically writing the preview as if we're recapping the game the way we think it will go.  The quotes and performances are made up, but the records, and other relevant pre-game stats are accurate.  Please let us know what you think in the comments.  I am aware this might end up sucking… so please weigh in.

Salt Lake City, Utah – The Boston Celtics improved to 43-15 on the season by beating the new-look Jazz 95-84 at Energy Solutions Arena.  Paul Pierce led the way for the Celtics with 24 points.  Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen each added 18 while Rajon Rondo nearly notched a triple double with 11 points, 16 assists and 7 rebounds in 38 minutes.  Rondo's rest was limited due to Delonte West's  

"I know I had to step up and carry the load while we got the new guys up to speed," said Pierce.  "Jeff [Green] and Nenad [Krstic] both played alright tonight and you could tell that they're getting more comfortable.  But carrying a team through adversity is nothing new to me, so I'll continue to do it until we can get back to playing Celtic basketball"

Green and Krstic, acquired in a surprising deadline trade for Kendrick Perkins, made solid contributions for the Celtics.  Krstic had 10 points and 7 rebounds while Green added 11 points, including his first three-pointer as a Celtics in addition to 5 rebounds.

"I'm picking things up," said Green.  "These guys are really opening up to me and helping me out.  I've spent a lot of hours with these guys already just talking and learning.  So I'm pretty comfortable already."

The Jazz were led by newly-acquired guard Devin Harris, who scored 21 points but only connected on 8 of 22 attempts.  Al Jefferson, who had a forgettable 7 points on 1 of 11 shooting in a January loss in Boston, added 17 points and 9 rebounds for the Jazz. 

"Our defense stepped up today," said Celtics coach Doc Rivers.  "We did a good job keeping [Paul] Milsap and [Andrei] Kirilenko in check.  Those are two guys who could go off and to keep them both under 18 points is phenomenal.  You can see it in KG's eyes today that he wanted to end this road trip on the right note."

The Celtics finished 3-1 on the road trip with their only loss coming in Denver just hours after the Perkns trade.  Their next game is Wednesday in Boston at 7:30 against the Phoenix Suns.

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  • sorry but i hate this

  • Ok.. fair enough. Is there anything salvageable with it… or do you think it flat out sucks.
    And I’m asking honestly.. because I’m not attached to it at all. Just trying to not do the same shit everyone else is doing.
    But, as Chuck told me privately, I’m aware I might be trying to outsmart myself. So any other feedback if you have any would be great.

  • don’t take it the wrong way, but i’m a bit superstitious and having a write up about the celtics winning before the game even starts just doesn’t feel right. i don’t know, let’s see how tonight goes and maybe it can grow on me.

  • Heyy, Long time reader and frequent the site daily and i must say not sold on this. Although, i do find this type of preview much better than the Accuscore ones (hated those). However, it’s still kinda useless as a preview and isn’t much more than a humorous read. Love the imitative tho trying to stay ahead of the pack but this might not be the way to go about it. Still think the classic previews are your best and must useful previews.. and with that lets kick some nugget ass

  • actually, after re-reading the post, i guess it’s not that bad. maybe do away with the fake post-game quotes, they’re just unnecessary, other than that, not that bad over all.

  • I’m not a fan of this either. It’s a commendable attempt to try to improve how the game preview is written, but I think you should think more on the lines of evolution than revolution. I think your insight and humor is enough to separate you from all the other blogs. I do agree with you though that just about every blog does the same bullshit when it comes to their pre-game posts.

  • Jinx much?

  • LOL… I don’t believe in jinxes. Hey, we make a prediction in all of our previews, so I’m not too worried about that.
    Ok… this might end up being a one-time thing. I appreciate all the feed back positive & negative. We might try to just tweak the old preview with an element or two from this.

  • Even the greatest of inventors only expect about 10% of their marvelous ideas to actually pan out…
    But no progress is made without making the attempt!
    Sometimes the initial idea has to be toyed with, brought to the group for a brainstorming session.
    I’m seeing a mad-lib type thingee but with the focus being on the Lakers or Heat games (not when the Celts are playing them though), now this might be fun to fuck with.

  • Ehhh I think if you just listed off predictions it would be a lot better no need to put in this weird, cheesy write up. As everyone else said though it’s very nice to see the effort I just can’t buy into this.

  • Maybe if you did something along the lines of what they do on the csnne pregame, something “for thought” they list off three things the c’s need to do to win. Maybe something like who will have a big game, who needs to have a big game to win, etc. I dunno keep trying I like the effort.

  • Kinda cool but it would be hard to hear a loss predicted.

  • dont do this please….sound like your writing a terrible yahoo article

  • This article seems like a tanguay wet dream

  • Eh…sounded better on the Twitter annouuncement. Your previews rocked. Who needs to be stopped, who’ll go off etc. Works. Try to predict a line for one or two players and see how you did post game. Or do a voting with Bos wins under/over 5 , opponent will win under/over 5. It would be fun to see how your vote pregame matches with fellow readers.