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Hey… how about Corey Brewer?

Well… here's a surprise.  The C's had tried to get in on Corey Brewer while the whole Carmelo deal was going down.  In fact, it was their interest that held things up for a little while.

Brewer won't tear it up on offense… but he's probably the best defender available.  If the C's are looking to get maybe a Tony Allen-light… this might be their best option.  If they can get Brewer, Mike Bibby and Troy Murphy… they can not only add some good role players… they can take some options away from their competition.

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  • bibby no
    Yes Powe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I would like this addition, along with Troy!!!! && let Chris Johnson keep his spot, he’s proven to be a hustler… I think we can kill the Bibby deal, he’s not needed for one, and he’s interested in Miami first….

  • I’m hearing on ESPN that Bibby is bound for Miami and Troy is leaning towards Miami as well… I could care less about Bibby but losings Murphy wouldn’t be great

    brewer sounds good, along with murphy and powe? i don’t know if powe can give us much, but i’d rather have him sitting at the end of the bench than most other 15th spot scrubs.

  • Too bad Ainge didn’t call Ms. Cleo to find out this move was happening. Had he done so, Boston wouldn’t have gone after Green – and Perk would still be a Celtic. Oops.

  • Miami currently has a full 15 player roster, they’d have to waive one.

  • Color me interested.
    I didn’t really want Mike Bibby, but if West can’t stay healthy for more than a couple of games without something freak happening, we might need him.

  • I really like our new guy – C.Johnson. Maybe he can develop into S.Erden type of player. I’d say – just give him a chance. We’ll be lucky if we can add T.Murphy and C.Brewer. It will be enough imho. Bibby is not needed. C.Brewer is really great in D!

  • I think we should be getting T.Murphy, C.Brewer, and Bibby. We need a backup point guard because Delonte West is apparently made out of glass and we need insurance on the PG spot.
    I wanted Powe to join the C’s but with Brewer out there now, I have to go with Brewer.
    By the way, apparently T Murphy is considering going to the Miami Heat… if he does this, he’s a loser. Seriously.

  • I just heard that Troy Murphy is leaning towards Miami. If he is, he’s a freakin’ tool!

  • Brewer can defend, I’d welcome him.

  • Why are we even looking at Mike “bandwagon” Bibby. He can get screwed, I’m not having him jump on the Celtics for an easy win.

  • I have a feeling the Celtics are gonna be left at the altar by everyone but Powe.