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Target acquired: Warriors buy out Murphy

Troy murphy

Well, he's been called the prize of the buyout season… which basically means you're the prettiest one still at the bar when the lights go on.  But the Celtics are in that bar… they've had a few drinks…it's 2 a.m… and there's Troy Murphy sitting there all by himself.

So swallow your pride, C's.  Walk on over the most attractive leftover and spit your best game… because it's you and Miami competing for this prize.  

If I'm Murphy, I'm going to Boston.  I'm not gonna sit there and watch the Heat lose at home to the Knicks and think "wow, there's a great chance to win."  And this guy can help.  He'll score and he'll grab a few boards.  He won't wow anyone… but he'll be ok. 

Let's just hope we don't regret it in the morning. 

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  • He wont get much time anyway, but a fantastic addition to the roster

  • This would be a nice grab for us. A 6-11 guy that can nail the outside shot and grab a few boards. I actually think he will get some minutes over March & April if we sign him. Simply because Doc is big on guys knowing “the stuff.” He doesn’t want someone out on the floor in the playoffs that isn’t familiar w/the system. Also, with Semih gone, Shaq banged-up and J.O. one knee-knock away from retirement, Doc prob wants to conserve the minutes for his bigs. Either way, Murphy will def be an asset.

  • Leftover is very accurate description. He will come cheap and won’t hurt which ever team he goes to but he also won’t help that much. It’s hard to get excited over a Murphy signing….

  • all i can say is HOWDY DOODY.

  • and i wanted to hear phil call out leon pow

  • Miami needs him more, judging by Bosh’s craptastic play.

  • No doubt he’d much more burn in Miami, Orlando, or even in New York…. But a rotation of Baby, K.G, Murphy, Krstic, and the O’Neals. Damn thats a lotta depth to have and alotta people are killing the Celtics trade they just made but to me if we can shore up our greatest weakness (backup swingman)and maintain great depth at the 4 and 5, then wow what a coup by the C’s front-office. And the fact that they shored up their biggest weakness with a stud like green and not sum cast-off bum like parker, butler, or any other goon we were getting told about. Then yeah this is a win for the C’s. Even if we sign Powe and not Murphy then i like tghis.

  • You should have stopped at KG and Big Baby. Maybe go as far as Kristic but the O’Neals? JO was and is garbage. Murphy is nothing to get excited over.