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Enemy Chatter: The Celtics are aggressive and long-armed

I often wonder what opposing teams, their beat reporters and bloggers are saying about the Celtics after playing the Celtics. Here's a dose of 'enemy chatter' from Los Angeles.

The Celtics defense in the third just clamped down on the inexperienced LA team. Nothing came easy – not even entry passes. On most possessions, the Clippers struggled just to get any look at the rim, let alone a good look. Eric Bledsoe, the de facto starter at the point with Baron gone, Williams in street clothes and Foye playing the shooting guard in place of Gordon, simply wilted under the pressure. On more than one occasion, so desperate to run the play that was called, Bledsoe picked up his dribble too early and tried to force the entry pass, only to have one of the aggressive and long-armed Celtics defenders pick it off.


I love reading other bloggers praise the Celtics defense. I feel like some Celtics fans take this team's defensive prowess for granted and don't appreciate it enough.

– Rajon Rondo. If a more unique point guard plays in this league, I don’t know who it is. He’s an elite defender at the point, has impeccable feel and court vision, can rebound and is an impressively bad shooter. According to HoopData.com, once outside of close range, where he shoots 66.7 percent, Rondo’s shooting percentage drops precipitously. He shoots 34.1 percent inside 10 feet, 27.8 percent from 10-15 feet, 41 percent from 16-23 (more on this) and 32.3 percent from three (in only 31 attempts on the year). With his inability to shoot, teams lay off him, daring him to do that. For an elite perimeter player, the amount of wide open 18 footers he has is astounding (and the reason for that decent 41 percent from 16-23 feet). But what that space also allows him to do is take his time, get his players the ball when and where they want it. It’s a huge reason why the Celtics have the game’s highest eFG and FG percentage. They just get the best looks. With his speed and ability to finish around the rim, guards can’t play him close or he’ll blow right by them (sometimes with the help of a KG screen). The best is to hope that the Rondo’s defender can create havoc jumping in passing lanes and double teaming. 

Clippers Blog

That's some intelligent analysis of Rondo's game. We usually don't see this stuff… especially from Los Angelinos. It's more like – "Rondo sucks at shooting… blah blah blah."

On Page 2, Chris Kaman takes a shot at Glen Davis… I think.

Kaman, talking in the locker room, had a big nasty scratch on his back.


"Big Little Baby," Kaman said, speaking of the Celtics' Glen Davis.

LA Times

Is that a shot at BBD? Sure seems like it. Kaman is such a goof, I'm having a hard time getting pissed off.

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    he’s a funny dude

  • Lifelong Celtics fan here who lives in LA. I went to the game last night and watch every game either on League Pass or the national channels. I have a love/hate relationship with Rajon though (and I’ve been a fan since the Russell days so don’t think I’m a dumb Angelino). Rondo is NOT one of the elite defenders. It, besides his free throw shooting, is the weakest element of his game. In fact, it was in great display last night. He plays too far off of his man and has never met a pick that he can scoot in front of. His man either scored or someone had to come double his then loose man over and over again last night. This is often the case. Sometimes, in the playoffs, he actually steps up and guards his man but rarely does so in the regular season. Steals do not make you a great defender. An elite defender, like Big Baby most of the time, prevents his opponents from getting the floor space they want, blocks their shots while controlling possession and actually prevents his man from scoring more often than not. Rondo rarely does any of this. Last night, he was the defensive cancer to his team that KG so famously called someone else. Thank God for Delonte, another real elite defender. Remember, I say this with love about something I hate. Now, that interior bounce pass in the third quarter was a thing of beauty.;-)

  • Wow! I dont know what game you were watching, or what player you’ve been watching, but Rondo has been on All-Defensive teams, led the league in steals, and you say thats the 2nd worst element to his game, well in that case he’s a damn good player, I’m sorry but I dont agree with your analysis, though I do agree that he sags off his player alot, but I believe thats cause he dont have to worry about too many of his opponents hitting them shots, but Rondo is a fantastic defender, and was fantastic last night….. And the whole team was acancer to defense in the whole 1st half in that matter….

  • Ha! Kamen is a tough SOB who gives as much as he takes. The kind of guy who you love on your team but otherwise hate.
    as for the Clips, they suck, with some nice talent and a superstar in the making. The C’s took the 1st half off and were out run. At times, LA had 4 rookies out there, even in crunch time, including an all rookie backcourt. Why were their new aquisitions in street clothes still? Anyways, it didnt take much to make them crumble. Kamens seemed to score everytime he touched it except a couple times Green checked him.

  • I was watching the same game everyone was but some people watch but don’t really know what they’re watching. If you recorded the game, look at it again. Rondo got picked off at least a dozen times. He rarely gets up on his man and gets through a pick. He does not sag off because the opposing players stink. Most have great nights against him offensively. Derrick Rose destroyed him the last time they played Chicago. Leading the league in steals does not mean you’re a great defensive player. It’s like saying that Dwight Howard is a great defensive player because he blocks a lot of shots. Didn’t you learn anything from watching Russell or KC Jones or Havlicek or DJ or Posey or Tony Allen? Come on now. Don’t listen to the Jeff Van Dumby’s of the world. Rondo was NOT fantastic last night. He was mediocre. You must be thinking of the game before last. Rondo’s man scored 32 points last night. Someone no one has ever heard of. Did that just happen by chance? Rondo couldn’t stick a fork in him. He can play decent defense. He did it in the playoffs last year. In the regular season, he sags off and cheats and then ends up getting picked off. His man then either scores or causes the big men to have to pick him up and either get in foul trouble or not be positioned right to defend. The tape never lies. Stop and reverse every time his man scores and you’ll see that he rarely is still on him. DJ never let his opponents breathe. KC was literally in the other player’s shorts. Rondo is usually hooking from behind to try to steal the ball from the guy who just got around him. Come on. And then there’s that tendency to pass sometimes when he should just shoot the ball himself. But don’t get me started. lol. I still love him but I’d thrown many a pillow at the tv screen because of him. Not as many as I did to Antoine Walker but…LOL.