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Clippers buy out Rasual Butler

Rasual butler The C's have open spots… and the deadline to buy players out so they can sign with other teams and still be eligible for the playoffs is Tuesday.  

The Los Angeles Clippers have bought out Rasual Butler, and he plans to sign with theChicago Bulls, a league source told ESPN The Magazine's Ric Bucher.

Butler must clear waivers before he can sign with the Bulls.

Butler had the best scoring season of his career in 2009-10, averaging 11.9 points and 2.9 rebounds. This season he's averaged 5.0 points and 1.9 rebounds.

Butler is making $2.4 million in the last year of his contract.

"But John… it says right there he's going to the Bulls.  Why do we care?"

Well… the Bulls aren't a guarantee

Supposedly Butler is open to other teams besides Chicago.  He's a 6'7" swingman that can score and is ok defensively.  Just like everyone else on the buyout market, they're gonna have flaws.  

The addition of Jeff Green might seem to minimize the need for a back up 3… but Green is still the only backup.  So if Butler wanted to come aboard for the rest of the season, it wouldn't hurt.  Chicago seems to be his first choice… but hey… who knows?

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  • cez

    Who gives a sh*t.
    Bill F’n Walker just iced the game for the Knicks over the Heat. Bill, F’n, Walker. Y’all remember him?
    I hate Danny Ainge.
    /drunk rant.

  • Yeah, I will never understand Bill Walker being a throw-in on the Nate for eddie deal… Crimeny, he was a PLUS 22 in 25 minutes in a 5 point win in Miami! In the ‘what ifs’ dept, if we didn’t give away Walker, do we trade Perk?

  • That’s right I had forgotten about about Walker! This goes back to Ainge knowing Coach Rivers (say it with me)…Doc doesn’t play rookies! I believe Walker would still be rotting on the bench this year and he wouldn’t have had the burn he got last year post trade to get any confidence.

  • Bill Walker didn’t “ice” the game. He hit two FTs
    with 1 second on the clock. Big deal. I think more of the credit should go to Amare for blocking Lebrons shot.
    And he wasn’t just a throw in for the Nate trade. He had to be included to make the salaries work. I can’t believe people are complaining about Bill Walker. BILL WALKER! I’m surprised I’m not hearing complaints about Lester Hudson or Gerald Green.

  • yeah, that BILL WALKER who avg 12 pts a game in 27 mins shooting 51% from the field and 42% from 3 pts oh, and is better known for his defense.
    Being put in a trade to make salaries work IS being a throw in.

  • When you say “I forgot about Bill Walker”…. there’s a reason for it. Because he’s not really doing much.

  • +1. I knew matching salaries had something to do for it.
    OK let’s look at it this way…Eddie House, Perk and Walker for Jeff Green (STILL the best talent in the deal) plus Krstic and the 2012 Clippers’ first round draft pick. While it hurts to type Perks name Boston upgraded it’s roster all things considered.

  • cez

    He didn’t win them the game. But ***his*** free throws ***iced*** the game. As you just said.
    D’Antoni put Bill GOD DAMN Walker out there with Amare and Melo and Chawnsay BilLips against the Heat at the end of the game. Stats be damned, that should tell you he’s more than a throw in.
    Prospects+cash are also known to make salaries work.
    I never said he had won them the game, but D’Antony essentially put him in a BBD role. I’m not comparing him to Amare or Perk, i’m comparing him to BBD. Don’t be an ass.

  • BTW Rasual represents the quality of the small forwards available post trade deadline had Ainge pulled no trigger. Who here likes the idea of relying on a Rasual Butler alone to get Truth adequate rest before April? Who here likes a Rasual Butler guarding LeBron or Melo should Pierce get into foul trouble? Lastly would you be comfortable slipping a Rasual Butler into the PF slot to roll w/ the Big Three and Rondo for the last 5 minutes of a game like Doc has been talking about?

  • He is no stud but he is doing more than JO. There was a reason why the Heat discarded that clown. Somehow Ainge didn’t get that memo.

  • Redsarmy readers, I’d like to formally introduce you to a One Trick Pony. What’s Your Excuse to date is incapable of backing any of his/her statements. To date everyone challenging Excuse have pwned him/her and yet he/she still continues to bring up the same tired points. Kindly pay him/her no attention as he/she has zero credibility.

  • cez

    Bill Walker has done about as much as JO this season. Sorry i’ve missed WYE’s faux pas this season, but i’m not following you here.

  • Was I being challenged? I didn’t feel challenged. I am only making a point or two.
    I sometimes throw stuff out there just to see the reaction. You can choose to agree or disagree but that is on you. I am sorry that I don’t share your “communal pat on the back and everything will be okay” viewpoint.

  • Faux Pas? WYE has one dominating thought, which is “Ainge/C’s or ‘you clowns’ (ie Celtic fans) are dumb because JO was signed” … if WYE was only a JO hater that’s fine. Truth be known he/she has been trolling around here a few days. When asked to back his/her statements WYE simply deflects instead of explaining his/her thoughts. The correlation you have made is co- incidence.

  • I honestly don’t believe your a Celtics’ fan so don’t act like “communal pat on the back and everything will be okay” viewpoint is the only thing that separates us.

  • What does Jermaine O’Neal have to do with Bill Walker? We didn’t trade Walker for O’Neal, he was signed as a free agent. Why compare the two? O’Neal is a center and Walker is a three.

  • His/her only come back would be an unrelated bash on Boston, it’s players, and/or it’s fans or the one-size-fits-all “if you gotta ask you don’t know basketball.”
    Excuse already revealed his/her intention here is to post garbage to illicit a reaction. Pathetic.