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Celtics @ Clippers Recap: C’s Get a Second Half Wake-up Call, Beat Clippers 99-92

It was game two of the post-Perk era for the Celtics as they looked to regroup against the LA Clippers after a tough loss to the Denver Nuggets two nights earlier.  At the outset, it seemed like their emotions (and defensive effort) were still elsewhere.  There was not much good to take away from the first half as they looked quite listless.  Blake Griffin threw down a typical albeit spectacular one-handed slam that Big Baby could only watch in awe of, along with the rest of us.

About the only thing noteworthy was the offensive rebounding effort and overall energy of newly acquired center Nenad Krstic.  Clawing and fighting for offensive boards is something the Celtics are not known for, but Krstic provided the effort setting a team season high in offensive rebounding with 6.  The bigger name in the Perk trade, Jeff Green, made a decent debut scoring 7 points on 2 of 5 shooting from the field, but also showing ability by getting to the free throw line (3 of 4) by playing half (about 18) of the minutes he's used to.  But collectively the C's adjusted in the second half and returned to form.

Boston out-scored LA 59-45 in the second half, triggered by their trademark defense that took a half to show up.  Delonte West was a catalyst off the bench while Kevin Garnett (another double-double, 16 points, 11 rebounds), Paul Pierce (24 points) and Ray Allen (22 points) ignited the starting unit, far different from the first half.  It was a win the Celtics needed to begin integrating the new guys, as well as defeating one of those "young and athletic" teams.

Although the Clippers shot 46% from the field, compared to 41% for the C's, Boston destroyed them at the free throw line, nearly doubling them in attempts (41 to 21).  Coupled with out-rebounding the Clippers (43-36) the Celtics worked their way to a solid win.  With the win, the C's now move to a solid 2-1 on their 4 games road trip, closing the trip out with a visit to the Utah Jazz on Monday night. 

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  • Was great to see some offensive rebounding. Krstic had 6-the most from any Celtic all year. Green looks real nervous. But I understand. This kid has gone from a small-market to one of the most popular sports teams in the world. I hope he can handle the pressure/media/fans that being a Celtic will bring. Gotta love DWest’s confidence and the way he took leadership role w/the 2nd unit tonight. Much-needed win after the last few depressing days. Oh..and JesseDampolo had dubbed Krstic “KRS-4”. I like it.

  • A very fun game to watch, and a much-needed win after these past few long and depressing days! I’m ready to get on this journey, in pursuit to Banner 18! #TeamCeltics

  • I thought Green was the only guy who did a decent job on Kamens.

  • I thought Krstic did a pretty good job when he was in there.

  • This team is better than ever. This season the injury bug has been too much…so Ainge (sadly) jettisons Perk and Nate for two young, durable guys. The athleticism at the 3 and 4 went way up. The length went way up (Nate for Green). Conventional wisdom is that the team acquiring the best player in a deal is the winner of a given trade. And Green is the best player while Krstic is more than just a throw in. Add that Clippers First Rounder and it’s a slam dunk (pun intended).
    Perk won’t be playing again for 2-3 weeks. Hopefully he’ll be fully healed by then as I wish only the best for the guy. But if we’re all going to pretend that Boston’s success hinged on Perk then Ainge definitively made the best move. Perk’s game requires him to bang which can lead to further injury. Ainge sold high and made steps to keep the C’s in contention. As KWAPT said hopefully the new players won’t wilt under the spotlight (an unknown risk of bringing in anyone).

  • Oh yeah great win as Clippers have kinda had Boston’s number in LA.

  • Congratulations. You beat an undermanned Clippers team. They are after all the Clippers.

  • You will have a long wait. Maybe your great grandchildren will get the chance to see the banner hoisted.

  • @whatsyourexcuse? – First off I bet we get our banner before whatever team you for, which I believe is the Lakers, its clear they aint goin nowhere, Im sorry but KOBE has no more, so dismiss yourself, and you act as if the Celtics was at full strength, we’re happy after every win, but the fact that our new guys came in and helped out, gave us a sense of relief, but no need to explain shit to a fan whose team cant beat the Clippers, Bobcats, and Grizzlies….. GTF
    @Shawncvd – I agree, it looks as if the Perk injury is lingering, and if our championship hopes relied on him (which it dont) then we would still be in trouble, with him being out 3-4 more weeks, but I will miss Perk, we wish him the best, but I think Danny knew exactly what he was doing, remember they told us 1 week? Well…. thats no accurate as we all see now, so good luck Perk, and lets go #TeamCeltics