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This just doesn’t look right at all…

Perk thunder

I'm just gonna put this out there cuz I know you all will see it anyway.  It's Perk in his Thunder jersey. 

The sooner you see it, the sooner you can move on.  It's like seeing an ex-girlfriend with her new boyfriend.  You just gotta see it so you can be done with it all. 

But man… that just don't look right. 

Thanks Drucci

Updated to add this pic of CLEARLY THRILLED Kendrick Perkins. 

Perk thunder 2

He's either depressed… or contemplating Danny Ainge's murder.  I'm not sure yet

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  • Oof. Painful to look at. This really hits home. Shout out to Celtic Green with the background at least! We’ll miss ya, big guy. Time for the acceptance stage, I guess.

  • Maybe it’s all photoshopped and it didn’t really happen?
    Nate looks just as sad in his picture. It’s almost more noticeable with him, because I’ve rarely seen a shot of Nate where he wasn’t mugging for the camera.

  • I’m still in the “anger” stage, maybe I’m the last one. Perk doesnt look too happy either.

  • Perkins will do great in OKC. He will fill in one of their last two missing pieces. All they need is a good SG and they will be ready to rock and roll.
    I can’t believe how dumb Ainge and the Celtics are by doing this trade. Kiss banner 18 good-bye clowns.

  • Except for the fact they don’t defend – at all – and now they’re starting players who can’t score at the 5 and 4.
    All this Perkins hysteria is quite entertaining, though.

  • Perkins said he wants to stay in OKC. I don’t blame him. All he needs to do is defend and rebound.

  • OKC, is now my second favorite team in the NBA. They have a great young nucleus, hope Perk gets to stay there for a long time.

  • 2 bum knees, torn shoulder, and a big heart
    tough to c him go

  • Hey John mark this one and call him out come June!
    So who is going all the way sorry Excuse? It’s really easy to call the field instead of one team wussy…

  • Best of luck Kendrick! This could get all Bull Durham like should these two teams meet in the Finals…

  • We are going to miss Perk’s toughness if we play Orlando, Atlanta or Chicago because we got 2 cream puffs back in the trade and if we don’t win the championship Danny should be fired.

  • J Green is tough. He played out of position at PF for most of his stint in OKC. He spent night after night getting murdered by the likes of KG, Pau, Randolph, Griffin etc.
    Krstic might prove valuable in Boston’s system with KG constantly in his ear.

  • What if Celts and OKC meet in the Finals?!?
    Perk on Shaq and (and JO?)
    Pierce/Green on Durant
    Rondo/Delonte on Westbrook
    Who guards KG and Ray?
    All Celtics, all the time
    On Twitter for last 24 hours as: Celticsbanner (I need a few followers)