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So… do you have faith in Shaq?

Shaq and nate

How comfortable are you with Shaquille O'Neal as the starter?  I mean…. are you really comfortable with that?  Do you feel GOOD about him being the guy? 

If you do.  If you honestly do… then you love this trade.  Because the C's are putting a lot of faith in Shaq being there for this team when it matters

“We need to get Shaq healthy. Shaq will be healthy. But if Shaq plays great, then this deal was obviously really, really good for us,” Rivers said. “And that’s on Shaq. Getting Shaq in great shape, getting him ready, getting him healthy is really going to be important for us in the playoffs.”

Earlier this year, the C's looked great with Shaquille as the starter.  They were steamrolling.  People were talking about Shaq being the starter no matter what… healthy Perk or no.  

Now he's been hurt.  If you believe the C's (and I know a lot of you don't when it comes to medical stuff), they're just making sure he's fully healed before throwing him back out there.  He's 38, and they need him in April, May & June…. not January, February and March.  

So how do you feel?  Do you think that can happen?  Because if you do, then this trade is a beauty.  If you don't, then you're still pretty pissed. 

It's really all on Shaq now.  That's what it boils down to.

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  • Not really because after his good start, Shaq became lazy on the court and often times drew 2 fouls immediately. If he regains his initial effectiveness and health, yes, but I’m not holding my breath.

  • Ok I do have faith in this trade, but I dont necessarily love it! I believe Shaq will be healthy enough to handle 20mins with no back to backs in the play-offs, now we need to paste him in the proper way, now that we know he’s our guy, plus we still have Baby, Kristic, Green, and if we get Murphy, we’re in pretty good shape, we are now able to spread the floor, and are now able to run with teams like San Antonio, Chicago, New York, and Miami, but truth be told, we’re going to miss Perk, but I believe this was a very nice trade, I was like ll of you, I was very hurt by this trade, it took everything I had to not cry, and I was at the verge of giving up on this team, but once you get over it emotionally, you’ll be able to see that this is a very good trade (besides the fact Perk is gone), but we will all miss BIG PERK, thats no doubt!!! But we have to move on, as hard as thats going to be!

  • Shaq can go out a champ if that doesn’t motivate him nothing will. Maybe Ainge belives like I do that the lakers won’t make the finals. Sure we still face Howard but let him go off for 40 and shut down the rest of the team. Green will surprise us I have a feelin.

  • I agree 100% The only BIG man we should have to face is D.Howard, and we shouldn’t even have to play them, if New York, or Atlanta take care of business, and I dont believe LA is coming out of the West, but we’ll see!

  • Getting Jermaine back would be a very positive sign for our interior depth. If nothing else he showed very good defense for us while he could.

  • I’m still pretty pissed.
    I have faith that Shaq will be there in the playoffs, but let’s face it, on his good days he’s a defensive liability and on his bad days he simply cant move those old bones. I have way more faith in Shaq than JO….Shaq is a warrior….JO wants to retire as a Pacer, and other than that time he beat the shit out of a fan in Detroit, not that spirited.

  • Shaq will play. Boston is doing this right. In fact the whole not-rushing-people back thing was done last year too it’s just now KG is no longer a shell and PP has been healthy. Furthermore the C’s are so deep that the injuries haven’t slowed them down, and therefore the great record.
    Shaq will cause all sorts of trouble for Miami, NYK, Atlanta etc even if for only the first 6 minutes of each quarter. As for foul trouble a center by comity will work just fine.

  • In Shaq we trust? In short minutes, he is a beast. If the Celtics want to play him starter minutes (30-40) then he will go down on IR soon.
    Danny Ainge is an idiot that has been exposed. He signs Daniels and JO to be on the bench? Sorry play but Kevin is not around to bail out your lame arse.

  • Um…Boston has 5 rotation guys who play Center come playoff time (Shaq, Krstic, JO, KG and Baby). And that doesn’t include any buy out acquisitions that could happen.
    Shaq needs to go for 20 minutes a game. Please don’t make foolish statements like a team with four All Stars, three bench players who would start else where, and a sixth man contender need a 38 year old Center playing like it was 10 years ago.

  • Oh and Ainge has been exposed for what? Assembling a championship team? Being in a greater position to build for the future now than three days ago? NEXT

  • Fans tend to overvalue the players so I understand. About your four all stars, it’s more a statement on how weak the East is then the caliber of the players. Even Miami got three all stars out of two and a half men.
    I am sure you can do better than this.

  • What, pray tell, would be a better transaction that your so sure Danny could have pulled off?
    Second best record in the league…and done without Perkins for 80% of the year. And done despite dozens of injuries…