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Post for the west coast: Leon Powe a lock to return?

It's past midnight, so most of our regular readers are either asleep, or out getting hammered.  But you west coasters (or international readers) are still reading… so we'll still post stuff. 

ESPN's Marc Stein expects Leon Powe to return to Boston.  Let's see if that's true.  I'd love him back here.  We've always loved Leon.  

Kg and powe

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  • Leon Powe is not an impact signing to me in the least… Actually I’d rather pass on Leon, if he can’t sniff the court with the Cavaliers how can we expect him to contribute? He’s another undersized Forward the last thing we need

  • I don’t sleep. But is Powe even healthy? Isn’t he still in the middle of rehabbing? Last thing we need is another banged-up guy. If this is the best Ainge does, I’m pretty disappointed.

  • Not a particularly overwhelming signing if it happens. He’s familiar with the system though so at least we wont have to worry about him buying in.

  • Only good thing I see out of this is the Celtic’s chemistry getting a small boost.
    Other than that, I really don’t think Powe is someone that we need. I guess he can fill the 15th guy role… I want to see who else we are going to get before we actually decide to bring Powe in.

  • Sheeeit, I’ll be the first to say it; fuck yeah! Powenan the barbarian back in the house.

  • Agreed. Warm spot in my heart for Leon but how does this help?

  • …first off I [Clover] Leon…and Leon and a 2nd rounder for Harongody makes perfect sense…but would Leon going anywhere else strike any fear in our hearts as Celtics’ fans? Let him go elsewhere, filling the precious roster spot of someone else.

  • Orb

    We’ve got three spots open, so I see no downside to the Return Of Leon. Always a hard worker in practice, and we need guys for that. But what number does he take? I say Bradley just gives up the 0.

  • it’d be kind of funny if Powe came back this season and showed danny that he’s healthy enough, and then danny lets big baby walk in the summer and signs powe on the cheap
    think how different things might be if powe hadn’t gotten hurt. he might have been the one playing in big baby’s place

  • Nate didn’t play for the then-awful Knicks, but played for the good Celtics. A handful of vets aren’t playing for the awful Pistons, but would definitely help the good Celtics (or most of the good teams). Not playing for a bad team doesn’t necessarily mean “couldn’t play anywhere.”
    If he’s physically unable to play, that’s different.
    But he could be useful as a band-aid for the hole in the locker room where Perk was… might be worth the 15th spot just for that.

  • if the knicks and the grizzlies want Leon, then we want Leon.

  • I Love Leon,but I think Lasme would be better with his health

  • Powe wouldn’t be signed as big man insurance. He’d basically be a bench mascot ala Scalabrine.
    After getting rid of Nate and all rookies not named Avery, the Celtics were out of mascots on the bench to cheer.
    Powe is the perfect mascot cause he’s a very intense player and teammate.
    He’s not going to play. We have PP, Green, KG, Baby, Shaq, JO, and possibly Murphy for the frontcourt.

  • I think the only reason DA signs Powe is to make up for the pain of losing Perk.

  • No he wouldn’t. Powe can’t shoot. Davis can.

  • Powe has played 34 games in 2 years since leaving Boston. Pass.

  • As a mascot sure. As a good will gesture of course.
    But given the team’s health concerns C’s could use the available roster space better. Let Leon be the third and last roster spot filled (after other options have been exhausted) not the first.

  • Sign Eddie Curry.