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Green: “I’m proud to be a Celtic”

Chris Forsberg has the first glimpse of Jeff Green as a Celtic. After today's shootaround, he talks about the history of the Celtics franchise, his emotions after being traded and how he plans on "fitting-in" here:


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  • He looks nervous, and I cannot blame him. Immense amount of pressure on this kid. Like how he says “it’s just a different logo”. lol..he’ll see just how much more it is than that when he plays his 1st game as a Celtic in front of the home crowd. Welcome J.G.

  • Lex

    good stuff

  • Lex

    anyone know the buyout date–ie., the date by which buyouts need to occur?

  • I heard March 1st to then be allowed to play in the post season…

  • Lex

    That sounds right.

  • This kid is very coachable. He sacrificed by playing out of position in OKC. And it made him look poor on D and it must effect his consistency being asked to guard the likes of Z Randolph, Griffin, K-Mart, and Pau when your that undersized. Think of it. When your getting murdered banging with those guys your whole game suffers. Playing at SF is going to revitalize his career. Should this pan out we have our successor to Pierce. Welcome aboard Jeff Green!

  • Lex

    “You hope that Danny and Doc (Rivers) know what they’re doing,” he said.
    You hope the players do, as well. As one dribbler admitted, the stars were consulted and aligned.
    OK. For one post, let’s be optimistic.
    Doc, Danny, and the players know something we don’t.
    Perhaps its that Shaq is healthy. Perhaps its confidence that JO will be healthy. Perhaps its a buyout or two that are coming.
    You don’t just trade away the key “thug” in the “thuggiest” defense on earth because of a mere whim that Jeff Green would be a nice guy to come off the bench.
    I still say you can’t weigh in on this trade until June, and, even then, it will be hard to say definitively KP would have been a difference maker.
    If the middle is porous and weak, OK.
    Otherwise, it won’t be that simple

  • Lex

    I’m not a big fan of hunch-shouldered, European stiffs. Based on what I can tell, Nenad actually looks like he stands up straight, and has a modicum of athletic ability.

  • yes, march 1 is correct

  • Oh he’s very athletic! It takes talent to throw a chair at someone. Oh that’s right he once threw a chair at someone? That makes him thuggish too!
    Not familiar with his game I will base my approval of Nenad from tonight going forward. If he can give Boston 20 inspired minutes come April that will be enough.

  • Why would a player that never played for the Celtics talk about Boston history? Most of the title won by the Celtics were before he was even born. He was one of the weakest players on the OKC Thunder.
    Don’t get too excited Celtic fans. But then again you clowns did sign JO. What a joke.

  • Sign Eddie Curry Danny.

  • Your a clown. Playing for Boston is an honor. What sounds better “I was a Thunder” or “I was a Celtic”? The former even fails grammatically.
    Please explain how the third leading scorer was one of the weakest players for OKC?
    Boston got the best player in the trade plus a 7 footer (people keep saying you don’t trade away size and I’m sick of hearing it) AND the Clipper’s First Round draft pick. Why not be optimistic about this situation?!?

  • If you don’t know then you don’t know basketball. Try and explain the JO signing. I’m waiting…..

  • What a cop out. You made a statement, someone challenged you to back it up and you come back with “if you don’t know then you don’t know basketball”?
    The Jermaine O’Neal signing? Celtics had the mid-level exception and wanted a big. I was never too excited about the signing but what else was there? Was Chris Bosh going to play for the mid-level exception? Who do you think they should’ve signed?

  • The signing of Brendon Haywood at 11 mil per this past year overvalued the Center position that Summer AND for the foreseeable future. What the C’s needed most was a starting C and, being over the cap, only had the MLE to nab one. JO had played over 70 games the previous year so Ainge bit. It was really the only choice, which so far has been the wrong choice, at the wrong time. If Perk was healthy then Boston would have chased a back up to PP last Summer instead.