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A Perk tribute, and I burst your bubble


Our boy Drucci is at it again, this time with a video tribute to Kendrick Perkins.  

I really don't want to dwell on the Perk trade too much because what's done is done.  But I do feel like one notion needs to be cleared up now before it goes any further. 

Kendrick Perkins is not coming back to Boston.  I know he's said he doesn't see himself anywhere but here.  I know he's said he's "A Celtic".  But Boston traded away any realistic shot at him being here long term.  

The only way the C's, who are over the cap significantly, could have given Perk the money he wanted was to use the Bird Rights clause to go over the cap to keep him.  Now that he's gone, the Bird Rights go with him to OKC.  If the Celtics want to make any attempt to sign him over the summer, they'll only have the mid-level exception…. somewhere around $6 million a year… to offer.  And that's IF the MLE exists in the new collective bargaining agreement.  There's no guarantee of that at all. 

So those of you holding out hope that Perk will be back as a free agent… I'm sorry.  Its best that you accept it now that's he's gone.  And while you never know what's going to happen down the road with trades or whatnot… Perk is not coming back this summer.  It's time to move on.

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  • I got about 10 seconds in to this before I started crying 🙁 I miss Perk!

  • Did Perk get traded… or die?
    Because these tributes are getting out of hand.
    Sorry to be the turd in the punchbowl…

  • Lol so true. It’s a little emotional for the first day but it’s basketball. The guy makes millions and our team got better.
    Don’t worry, people…

  • Grade is incomplete until roster spots are filled.
    This article leads me to think that the Bobcats are going to buy out Joel Przybilla:
    I think he’d be a perfect fit. He’s big, strong and something of an enforcer. The only negative I that he coming back from a knee injury (now both knees).
    What do you think?

  • I forgot, you are incapable of human emotion. I’ll make sure to include that in your programming for the next software update

  • Shouldn’t that clip have a few frames of the Zapruder film? A small kid saluting?
    Seriously, I’m worried sick about some of you guys and your pathological attachment to a basketball player. Perkins was a good Celtic. Good defender, fair rebounder. Kind of a tragic figure with one bad leg, and now two.
    But for crying out loud, people. It’s basketball. This team is better today than it was a week ago. Nobody died.
    It’s a business and Perkins made it clear that his price was going to be high. Unduly high, especially with the lack of lift and mobility he’s shown since he came back.
    Someday, I’d like to see a psychiatrist study what exactly it is in the DNA that makes a professional basketball fan pine for a basketball illiterate like Gerald Green. Even today.
    Maybe some Xanax or something can help.

  • Me, I don’t give a damn who it is wearing the Celtic uniform as long as the Celtics win.
    Kinda striking to me that Celtic Fan gets all hot and bothered about KG telling Charlie V the truth – he is one ugly bastard.
    But that Tony Allen? Never mind that he’s got a rap sheet longer than the range of his jump shot. We should fold the franchise rather than let him do what 90 percent of that 24-win juggernaut has done – fade away into total obscurity.
    It’s nutty.

  • It’s almost like a parallel universe, especially over on the blog.
    It’s important, for some strange reason, to deny what’s a clear reality: Ainge’s career was in dire trouble at the end of the 2007 season. The beloved collection of draft picks was one of the worst Celtic teams ever.
    Then, he got a checkbook and discovered that two superstars were being shopped. Couldn’t get Garnett at first, but discovered that Seattle – God bless that Sam Presti – was going to dump Ray Allen’s salary. Even better, they’d take a draft pick and some spare parts.
    Really a warm spot in my heart for Sam Presti these days.
    Allen was enough to get Garnett’s OK, and old pal Kevin McHale was kind enough to take the forward who couldn’t guard Hubie Brown, the dumbest Celtic I’ve ever seen in Gerald Green and some more spare parts.
    Yet the bullshit continues, even today: Danny traded “assets” for those two great superstars.
    Name me one besides the guy who’s playing his first Celtic game tonight.
    Al Jefferson is what he’ll always be – slow, lazy on the glass, one of the worst defending frontcourtmen in the game, and a good post-up game.
    God bless Ainge for tapping into two salary dumps. If he hadn’t, he’s another footnote in the two decades of shit in the Celtic history books.

  • The Celtics will not make the Finals. Book it. Forget banner 18. You all will have to wait another 10 years before even sniffing at another title.

  • Here’s why C’s will Banner in 2011:
    Best record in East, second best in League with 27 to go
    3-0 record over Heat
    4 future HOF players (Shaq, KG, PP, Ray, Rondo)
    Sixth man of the year candidate Davis
    Delonte West, who can run a team, sink a jumper and play great D
    Jeff Green, a consistent 15ppg scorer, who can run the floor, And defend big wings
    Kristic in case JO can’t play. They both can rebound, block shots, and score
    2 open roster spots to cherry pick veteran buy outs
    A third roster spot if we find someone better than Chris Johnson who I like
    The best coach (Phil Jackson is toast) except perhaps Pop
    New motivation to fit in new, healthy players
    God/the Universe/Fate loves the Celtics (ask Jerry West)
    More heart and desire
    A healthy KG
    Celticsbanner on Twitter (I’m new there and néed Celtic followers)

  • Thanks for publishing the video!
    I knew while doing it would look too emotional/melodramatic at times but that was kind of inevitable considering the idea of a tribute.
    As for the over attachment to a basketball player I don’t know if it’s really that weird or lame. Just though it would be legitimate to pay some tribute and say thank you to a player we followed for years, it’s time to move on now that he is gone but it doesn’t mean we can’t pay him respect.