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Your Morning Dump… Where Pierce is concerned about chemistry

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"You just hope [Celtics president of basketball operations] Danny [Ainge] and Doc know what they're doing," said Pierce. "We put our trust in them, so it is what it is. We can't use any excuses and cry over spilled milk. So, hopefully the guys we have coming in understand what we're trying to do around here. It's still a championship goal."

"To me, [chemistry is] everything," said Pierce. "It doesn't matter what type of talent you bring in or what type of talent you have on your ball club; people underrate what chemistry brings.

"This is one of the tightest units, one of the most together teams that you could probably think of, especially because we've been together for so many years, it's just a number of things. How we roll on the plane, in the hotel, the camaraderie that we've been able to gather over the years. And, when you lose that, it's tough. So, hopefully we can integrate the guys that we've got coming in and they can pick up things pretty quickly and make the adjustment [in] lifestyle to just how we are off the court."

ESPN Boston – Emotional Celtics cope with loss

As we debate the Xs and Os of this deal, let's not forget the intangibles. These guys are not robots. Perk was in tears yesterday. Kevin Garnett said it was tough to focus on basketball. Rajon Rondo – a close friend of Perk – spoke volumes with his silence.

While I don't expect the core guys to revolt against Doc and management, this trade ultimately could become an excuse. During tough stretches there will be that "If we only had Perk.." mentality in the back of their minds. Will they truly welcome Jeff Green and Nenad Krstic with open arms? If the new guys struggle to gel, will the Cs vets extend themselves to make it work… or turn to management with the "I told you so" look in their eye?

This is where Doc Rivers earns his money. Working the veterans, making sure they continue to buy in, despite adversity.

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On Page 2, the great Bob Ryan sums up the deal.

I can hear the weeping and wailing among the faithful.

“Perk? Perk! How could they give up Perk?’’

Well, here’s how: You trade Perk if in return you get someone who is a much more accomplished basketball player and one who fills a critical need.

There is no argument here. Jeff Green is the best player of the four players involved in yesterday’s deal.

Green is 6 feet 9 inches, 235 pounds, and a born team player. Just about my only concern is that there may be a bit too much KG in him; i.e. he is so selfless that he occasionally over-passes himself out of a good shot. I can see KG and Green passing themselves into a shot-clock violation. Overall, I’d say he’s the young Antonio McDyess; something like that.

Perhaps the Celtics thought he had reached his ceiling. I don’t know. Perhaps his next contract negotiations were going to be an issue. I don’t know. Perhaps there was no yeah-but whatsoever, only the desire to add a major 24-year-old asset such as Jeff Green to the roster. Again, I don’t know.

Globe – Ainge always unafraid to take his shot

Most NBA bloggers and analysts see Green as a pseudo-bust. I didn't read a lot of positives about his game yesterday. But Ryan says he's "a 24-year-old stud who will be of immediate aid to a team desperate for a forward while representing the long-term future once Garnett fades into black, never to be seen near an NBA arena again."

Bottom line: If Bob Ryan isn't ripping Danny Ainge apart for this deal, then at the very least, I can hold judgement until the rest of the season plays out.

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  • Lex

    Three roster spots available. Just keep saying that to yourself.
    Cs add parker and murphy, the deal makes a little more sense.

  • Lex

    Also remember, as a Celtics fan, you hate the lakers, making whoever is playing the lakers your second favorite team.
    Well, we can modify that now.
    OKC is officially my second favorite team.

  • You just can’t beat the maudlin crap from Celtic Fan whenever Danny Ainge moves one of his treasured draft picks. Anger, tears, demands to bring Leon Powe and his Festus gait back for one last arthritic run at a spot on the bench in a suit …
    The one thing you’ll rarely find from Celtic Fan in these moments is an honest assessment: Perkins has a surgically repaired knee. The other one’s injured. His shoulder’s a time bomb. And he wants at least 30 large for four without a shred of offensive skills, and with diminished lift and mobility.
    Here’s your morning dose of reality: The Celtics didn’t like Perkins’ legs and they liked his price less. The ROI on this trade is absolutely remarkable given Perkins’ skillset and injury status.
    This deal is about getting out from under damaged goods, and getting quality minutes behind Pierce, primarily, and Garnett to a lesser extent. The chemistry will take a bit, but it will come.
    Dry your tears, Celtic Fan, and realize that this business is about winning.

  • This is a fantastic assessment, once the emotions are eschewed.
    Had Perk not turned down the Celtics offer last week, we would still be criminally undermanned at the 3/4 right now, or would have had to trade more valuable pieces (Big baby) to get Green or someone like him.
    If things work out and the Celtics end up filling those last three roster spots with a combination of Troy Murphy, and possibly two of the following:
    Leon Powe
    Rip Hamilton
    Anthony Parker
    Corey Brewer
    We will be MUCH better off than having kept a broken Perk, Semi-Hardon, Luke Harangonowhere, and the undead corpse of Marquis Daniels’ former career.
    Red’s Army went on and on about Ray Allen being a Stone Cold Killer this week.
    So is Danny Ainge.

  • All you need to know about yesterday’s fan hysteria is that it’s almost exactly like the anger that followed … wait for it … the decision to break up that great 24-win juggernaut and acquire Garnett and Allen.
    Only difference: Al Jefferson starred in the role of the victim, now played by Kendrick Perkins.
    Maybe it’s the way the NBA markets itself as individuals, rather than teams. Maybe I just enjoy entertainment. But Celtic Fan’s attachment to their favorite players over ALL else, including winning, the future of the franchise, a team game and all that other pesky stuff, is incredibly off the charts.

  • Love the new banner.

  • You’re right to a degree. Perk is a fan favorite and it sucks to see him go for that reason alone. However, to most fans I’ve talked to (and non celtics fans) the trade seems like a bad move because of Perks defensive ability. THats how the Cs make thier name. If they cannot get a good center that can step up when shack gets injured again, than we are not going to win a championship. Thats what its about, winning this year. And with this trade, as it stands alone, just undid any chances we had. If, like most suspect, they have something lined up to fill that role, than it’s another story. But that remains to be seen, thus the fan hysteria.

  • The one problem with idealizing Perkins’ defensive skills is we’re not currently talking about the Perkins of old – or even game 6.
    His lift is gone, currently, and his lateral mobility, which was never great, is worse. If Perkins is healthy, and his contract demands realistic, you don’t make this deal. He’s neither.

  • Still disconcerting that P2 referred to the trade as “spilled milk…”

  • I’m not sure why people keep posting that the Celtics are all but guaranteed to get Troy Murphy, Rip Hamilton, Corey Brewer, etc. Miami, NY, Chicago can all offer them the same money and possibly more playing time. What happens if the C’s don’t get any of them?
    If I was Rip, I go to Chicago to start. Brewer isn’t going to be bought out and Troy Murphy would fit in on any of those teams (NY most logically because they have no bigs and he can jack as many awful 3’s as he wants).

  • It’s a saying. He’s saying no sense getting worked up over things you cannot control. Athletes are masters of adapting and moving on. He’s not calling Perk spilled milk…

  • Semih, Luke and Quis would still be part of this team if they weren’t moved. Anyone think that ANY of those guys would contribute this post season?
    Ainge is confident that play off worthy players will be acquired. Even if only one pans out then him plus 2 2nd rounders is completely worth it.