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Semih Erden: Rocky Mountain Low

Making my way through the East Terminal at the Denver International Airport, I spotted recently traded Semih Erden sitting down, ready to order dinner.  Semih may have been about to eat a steak, but he clearly wasn't ready to digest being traded from the Boston Celtics to the Cleveland Cavaliers.  Semih seemed genuinely saddened by being dealt as I asked for his thoughts.  Here's what he had to say:

Note: These aren't EXACT quotes but he did speak without the assistance of a translator and his English was relatively good.

Semih was very engaging but was clearly down and confused about being traded when I asked his thoughts, and if he understood why:

"It's tough, very tough but it is business, just business you know?  I don't understand it no, but you know, it's just business I guess (as he said with a shrug)."

Perhaps now that he's on the Cavs, he will be getting more minutes to showcase his skills.  He seemed to agree somewhat, but was satisfied with his role in Boston.

"Maybe you know, I can play more, show more of my skills and who knows, hopefully come back to Boston."

I asked him again if he wanted to return to the Celtics and if he enjoyed being a Celtic.

"Maybe, maybe… I would like that, I like playing for Boston so we'll see next year maybe I can come back to Boston."

I proceeded to ask him about Kendrick Perkins, and he leaned back quickly in his chair, raised his eyebrows and gave a deep breath, sighed and shook his head.  He didn't really say much, but you could tell just by his reaction how Perk felt.

"He was very, very sad, very upset I felt very bad for him."

With that I wished him best of luck and success on his new team.  He may have just been exhausted from traveling or whatever, but judging by his reactions, you could easily make the case for the "once a Celtic, always a Celtic" argument.  Although he was only here for half of a season, the organization and city clearly made a positive impact on him.  Who knows, maybe someday he'll get his wish and return to Boston.

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  • Wow. Great stuff Jay. Thanks..

  • Best of luck to Semih-truck. He had some good highlights with the Green.

  • Orb

    Great post, thanks. Have to say I got more enjoyment from half a season of Semih than a year of Sheldon. Maybe he can follow Leon’s path and we’ll see him in two years.

  • nice post… hopefully people will be able to move on soon enough… the celtics are going to keep playing so we need to embrace jeff green and any other new guy and start being positive… I hope the best for perkins and I loved him too (the same with erden). he is in an amazing team with a lot of future, great teammates… now it’s also time to realize we’ve got great players and can win it against anybody for sure

  • Great stuff. Seems to contradict the rumors that he was so homesick he didn’t want to play in the US anymore.
    Poor Semih. At least Perk and Nate got sent to a good situation… not so much for Semih and Luke.

  • Great job Jay. I believe you scored the only post-trade “interview” with Semih.

  • Awesome post.
    I always liked Semih’s attitude, and Mike Gormon always defended Semih for it.
    Sadly, the injuries piled up too far (thumb, shoulder, groin, and a non-disclosed fourth one).
    I’d love for Semih to come back here and I’m happy to hear he feels the same way.