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Report: Murphy might not be waived after all

Oh hey look… all the insanity and conflicting reports of a trade deadline are back.  One guy says Murphy is out and coming to Boston… the other guy says he might not. 

So… what now, Danny?

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  • Mark Spears wasn’t right about jack shit yesterday though.

  • Does anyone know if Perk’s Dad is ok? I thought he lived in Christchurch. Life is truly miserable here in NZ at the moment – anyway – the poor bugger getting traded and then his Dad’s either current or old home city is flattened…..

  • good thing danny signed that d league kid

  • Wtf is the Warriors doing?

  • I can see the Eastern All-Stars slashing through the bodies of Kristic and Murphy, finishing with And 1’s and shown on ESPN top 10 plays the next morning.

  • And with Perk in there he’d get an and 1 + a tech shot because perk has no self-control.
    Pick your poison.

  • I’d rather have Sheed than Troy Murphy. At least Sheed can play defense.
    So they blew it up cause they didnt want to pay Perk 10 mil a year…..NEXT year. But they want to resign Jeff Green? WTF am I missing? They could have won with Perk this year and still got Green next year, it’s not like OKC wants him.
    I always liked Leon, I’m surprised he wants to come back. The Celts seem to have a “get hurt, get traded or cut” policy.
    Never trade big for small. Hell, never trade a good starting center. Ainge has lost his mind and I cant imagine Doc liking it.

  • u cant be serious? sheed gives absolutely nothing but problems. refs call a different game when he’s on the floor and he’s a toxic teammate. his +/- is a joke

  • Lex

    My friend the timberwolves fan is a good foil and muse for me.
    He thinks the celtics will get one or two serviceable stiffs (eddy curry) and will be better than they were before the trade.

  • HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS – Things have gone from bad to worse for the Detroit Pistons after Thursday’s trade deadline.
    Several Pistons missed this morning’s shootaround practice in Philadelphia in some sort of “player protest” against coach John Kuester, per the Detroit Free Press.
    Tracy McGrady, Tayshaun Prince, Richard Hamilton and Chris Wilcox all missed the shootaround. But that’s just the start. More from the Vince Ellis of the Free Press:

  • • Philadelphia 76ers guard Jason Kapono(notes): Kapono is expected to get a buyout from the Sixers, several sources said, after playing in just 18 games this season. Still, he’s expected to draw strong interest on the free-agent market from teams in need of another shooter.
    That includes the Celtics, who will have three roster spots available if they don’t sign Chris Johnson(notes) to a second 10-day contract.

  • Not a fan of Troy’s.
    And Lex, Eddie Curry isnt serviceable. You cant replace one of the best defensive centers in the league with a fat slob who ate himself out of the league.