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Recap: Undermanned C’s run out of gas

  Baby and nene

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I'm not gonna go too deep into this.  The C's had a better shot in this than I thought they would.  But they went cold… REALLY cold… late in the 4th quarter and ended up losing to Denver 89-75.  In fact, the last points the Celtics scored came on a Paul Pierce 3 with 6:05 left.  Denver then ripped off a 16-0 run to put this sucker away. 

The C's shot 39% from the field and just 3-17 from 3. Denver picked it up in the second half… finishing the game shooting 45.3% after going into the half shooting 33.3%

Paul Pierce got into foul trouble early.  Kenyon Martin, whose name triggers vile, angry things inside of me, had a season high 18 to lead both teams.

Chris Johnson wasn't bad tonight. 17 minutes, 6 points, 3 blocks.  For a kid who's been a Celtic for only a few hours and literally wearing Semih Erden's actual jersey with a new name covering "Erden" on the back… that's pretty good. 

Ok, so here's the box score… and now here's my word of warning:  Don't freak out over this.  The C's had 9 guys and one of them was in the D-League this morning. The team was emotionally spent after the news of the trade.  Tonight was probably gonna be a loss anyway. Let's see what the new guys bring to the team before we go into "Eff Danny" mode.  

Hey, I hate to see Perk go as much as anyone… but we can't pass judgement quite yet.  

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  • I DOn’t care i’m mad as hell
    there’s no way to rationalize this deal. now we’ve got emotional, chemistry issues and the new guys learning the system… and if JO can’t played in the playoffs. we are f’d

  • Thx for being the voice of reason John-someone has to be right now. I just still can’t believe big fella was let go. Hope these moves pan out, and will back the C’s whether they do or not.

  • Honestly, This game does not worry me at all. We now have room on the roster. This thing is not over.

  • The Heat lost too, so Whatever. Bulls kind of scary now. McHale predicts them to take the East. I predict Noah to be the ugliest man in basketball.

  • This team has potential to be (wait for it) even better. Perk is a Beast but don’t forget Doc never used him in close out situations. I love Perk and hate dearly to see him go. Ainge had to do something to protect Pierce. And dangling Nate Rob wasn’t doing it.
    Our second unit is still money (possibly better when you honestly evaluate Nate): Kristc/Baby/Green/Wafer/West. Furthermore Ainge will grab a few more players after buy outs. Lastly Ainge knows something, such as JO will be available when it counts or all that stuff he said about Shaq being better with the starters.

  • Chris Johnson didn’t play awful other than the fact I a have taken dumps bigger then him. he had 3 blks and 6 points. dude looks like 6’11 T. Prince, he is skinny. I will say this now Avery sucks and really has no hope in the NBA.