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One last fond memory of Kendrick Perkins


I don't want to dwell on this whole thing. I just want to move on and see how this all affects this year's team.  I mean… we've still got a championship to win.

But I wanted to repost this… which I made a couple of years ago.  Good for OKC for getting a tough bastard to help them in the playoffs.  I'll be rooting for you guys… until we meet you in the Finals, of course.

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  • Hilarious post. We all love Perk. Fare Thee Well Beast!! And i think i speak for all Celtic fans, when I sayi’ll be rooting HARDDD for OKC to do damage in the playoffs. I like this trade for both teams. Both teams got what they needed.

  • Love that graphic.
    Nice job on the new banner, too… I’m pretty sure those four are still on the team.

  • – You don’t shake up the roster of a conference leading team with 27 games left.
    – Whose absence was a huge factor in game 7?
    – Last year’s trade for Nate Robinson didn’t help.
    – I like Nate, but he never filled in E. House’s shoes
    – This trade might not have happened had Marquis been safe.
    – Kendrick was ALL about 18
    – It just hurts on a personal level when I found out Kendrick was in tears…

  • Nice bullet points though I humbly disagree RE Nate. Remember the Shrek and Donkey show from Game 4 of the Finals? Nate also came up huge in an earlier round.