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KG barely gets through his postgame interview


This is one tight team.  "I felt like we lost a family member."

This is the scariest part of the trade.  When you build such a tight team, having to get rid of somone mid-stream can really be upsetting.  KG barely made it through this interview.  

I tweeted this out yesterday, but I'll repeat it here:  I can't wait until "The Association" episode 4.  Episode 3 is tonight, but the camera were there for the reactions yesterday.  That's gonna be something to see.

(video courtesy: Chris Forsberg)

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  • Yep, I just watched the Association episode 3, and nearly lost it watching Perk being excited about getting back on the court. Even seeing little Nate stirred up some emotions,(I think trading him was a great move). As much as I try to see this as a winning buisness, I can’t get over loosing Perk. Especially watching the early reactions to his leaving on the previews for episode 4. Both Doc and KG say they lost a family member. Talk about chemistry issues. I feel like the Celtics I knew are gone. Glad I got to see them on thier last game at the Warriors. I had no idea the game had so much signifigance. Last time Perk, Nate, Semi, and Luke played for the Cs. I’m really close to saying F@#k Ainge. Not quite there yet.