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Hail to the Beast

KWAPT (@KWAPT) February 25, 2011 Uncategorized 7 Comments on Hail to the Beast

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"At Center…6 foot 10 from Clifton J. Ozen high school, number 43..Kenndrick Perkins!"

Those are the words that I've heard Celtics p.a. announcer Eddie Palladino recite before countless Celtics home games. Unfortunately, we will not hear Eddie say those words again-not for the home team anyway.

As I walked back from my lunchbreak today, the words: "Aaaahh! They traded Perk!" appeared on my cellphone's screen. Immediately, it felt as if I was punched in the stomach. The man who patrolled the paint, intimidated the opposition, got us frustrated with his techs but always played his heart out is now a member of the OKC Thunder.

I first had the chance to meet Perk after a big win against the Cavaliers in 2008. My friend Corey took my sister and I down buy the locker room. Perk came out, picked-up his son first, as he always does, then greeted all his friends and family. Corey introduced us, and Perk smiled, shook our hands, (with his ginormous paw) and then posed for this great pic with us. The angry, scary, fierce guy I saw out on the court was courteous, friendly and very down-to-earth. 100% class act. MaryJameyPerkLittlePerk

I was able to meet Perk a few more times over the last few seasons, and he was always just as cool. Greeting me with a handshake and a hug and always asking "How you doin' man..?" The other members of Ken's family that I had the opportunity to talk with, his wife Vanity, son Lil' Perk and father Kenneth, were a pleasure to meet and simply great people. I really wish them and Kendrick all the best. Ken will take his championship pedigree, intensity and dedication to a young, talented OKC team. I feel he may be just the piece of the puzzle they need.

Before ending this piece, I want to give shouts to 2 highly influential members of Perk's unofficial fam while he was a Celtic. The guys over at PerkIsABeast. Justin & Brian have been behind Perk from day one. Their fantastic coverage of everything Perk is unmatched. And of course, Perk's mentor and teacher while in Boston, Clifford Ray. Cliff defines mentor, and was a staple on the C's staff during most of Perk's tenure. Catch the guys from PerkIsABeast and Clifford on "In the Pivot" each week.

I'll truly miss Perk, and will always root for him. But my heart bleeds green, and I can only hope now that Mr. Ainge and the rest of the Celtics' brass have a plan to finally bring Banner18 to Boston.

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  • I wish this had really not happened but let’s see what the future holds. I wish to see Perkins back in a green uniform someday..

  • perks going to get home sick and i wouldn’t be surprised to see perk resigned here next year

  • I have choice package NBA League Pass Broadband. I’ll be adding Thunder so I can watch Perk beast up the Western conference sissies.
    Kudos to Perk for his hard work getting back on the court ahead of time. If not Boston would have been unable to shore up the SF position. Should C’s win it all it would be classy of the organization to give Perk a ring for 2011…
    Thanks so much for your amazing contributions and passion over the past eight years Kendrick!

  • I really couldn’t think up a better team for Perk to end up with for whatever that’s worth. He will be loved and appreciated by fans who love their team.

  • Thank you Perk! We wish you nothing but the best!

  • Maybe it’s because last night’s game was so late and I was bleary eyed but I still can’t vision the C’s playing D without Perk back there. We’ll miss ya beast. Thanks for helping bring the C’s back to the top of the NBA, hope to see you in the Finals.

  • Can they do that? Give him a ring if they do end up winning in June?