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Your Morning Dump… Where Marquis Daniels may need surgery

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

As much as the C's would love to have him back this season, the chances of that happening becomes more slim with each passing day.

"There is a chance that he will miss the season and may need surgery to resume his playing career," Danny Ainge, Boston's president of basketball operations, told Wednesday night. "We're still gathering information, but that's where we're at."

That's why the Celtics have been working the phones so diligently in search of a backup small forward to replace Daniels in the rotation.

CSNNE – Cs continue to shop for SF

I've pretty much lost all hope of Marquis Daniels returning to the court this season. As if a bruised spinal cord isn't a serious enough injury, once talk of surgery surfaces, you can pretty much forget him playing basketball in the immediate future.

While we continue to monitor any and all trade rumors, the Herald's Steve Bulpett says it's most likely any acquisition will come via buyout:

Sources say its quite possible an acquisition will come from a group that includes Jason Kapono, Sasha Pavlovic, Rasual Butler and Morris Peterson. But if those players are indeed in line for a buyout, it’s also true their current teams will be looking to include them in deals before it gets to that.

There's got to be better options, right? Bulpett says the Celtics may still try to pry Corey Brewer from the Knicks (they pursued him before Minn. shipped him in Melo deal). And while I'd like to see either Troy Murphy or Rip Hamilton wear green this year, I don't see how either helps fill the gaping hole at small forward.

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On Page 2, KG vows to be more aggressive.

Garnett has made a conscious effort to punch the clock in the second half of the season, taking himself to task for not being more aggressive.

His 24-point, 12-rebound double-double in Tuesday night’s win over Golden State was just the start, he said. He settled in on the blocks in the fourth quarter and the Celtics fed off it, outscoring the Warriors, 27-15, to close out the game.

“The second half of this run, I’m going to really have to be aggressive,’’ Garnett said. “I’m not going to look back.

“I like to mix it up as far as me passing or being aggressive. I’m a team player first. But I will be more aggressive on this whole trip or this whole second half.’’

Globe – Point taken by Garnett

I have no complaints with KG's plan, do you? Go get'em big fella.

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  • Sasha Pavlovic that would be an interesting pick up, he plays hard but might be undersized. when you spell Jason Kapono there is no D in there. Mo Pete may your best option do to the fact can play some D sometimes maybe, but he is old. bottom line we need a 3.

  • I still would love to see the Celtics go after Terrence Williams. Plays 3, frustrated with no PT in HOU (shouldn’t have a problem with that in Boston), has some serious skill, and only this year and next are guaranteed on his contract – there’s a team option for year 3 – so he could expire within Danny’s timeframe. I know there are big questions about his maturity and dedication, but we’ve seen how much Nate has bought in, and TWill and Nate are best friends, growing up together in Seattle. Maybe Robinson can knock some sense into him. Marquis for Terrence works straight up, maybe throw in cash or a pick to sweeten the deal.

  • TOTALLY AGREE with you man! That kid can flat out ball, and i was just checking up how he was doing in Houston last month and was shocked how little he played.
    If we were able to get him that would be a total steal, man if he plays well, he’d be a huge upgrade from Marquis. The problem is who we have to give up to trade for him…dilemma

  • I never understood resigning Daniels after he was hurt last year, then dogged it so much that Doc benched him. The Bill Walker/JR Giddens picks really huurt because one of those two guys should have developed into the bench SF Boston needs.
    Unless a deal is made, get ready for Pierce to be ground into dust in the playoffs.