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What can Jeff Green bring to the Celtics?

Whew. It still hasn’t all sunken in. I could go on a serious rant right now, but that’s not why I’m posting this. It’s an extremely sad day for me. I got to know Perk and his family a little bit, and they are dynamite folks. I wish them nothing but the best. And Marquis Daniels is a real down-to-earth, genuine guy-I’ll miss seeing him as a Celtic. But that’s another post altogether.

I’m posting this to remind everyone just how talented Jeff Green is. He brings something that is much-needed to this 2010-11 Celts squad: more athleticism. Have to admit, it’s gonna be fun watching this young fella pair with Rondo and DWest. Here’s a taste:


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  • Ball Dont Lie’s write-up made him sound like an Antoine Walker-like bum.

  • Jeff Green has not had his 4th year option picked up, that says alot about him on it’s own. Watching OKC games gives you the feeling that Durant & Westbrook carry them. Green does have some athleticism but he hasnt at all impressed me.

  • That’s BDL for ya’..lol. I disagree-personally, I think the kid’s an upgrade from Nate.

  • I like Green. Think he’ll be a great fit.

  • Jeff Green is a consistent, athletic, scorer, who can run the floor, finish, and defend big wings, He is a significant upgrade at the 3. Trade will obviously help in the long run. More importantly, I believe the trades will help in the short run (not tonight)and help us win Banner 18, IF we can find a defensive minded, buy-out 5 like Camby or Dalembert.
    We need someone who can bang inside, defend the pick and roll, block a few shots and score around the basket. If (and I know it’s a big if) we get the right player, we’ll actually be better THIS YEAR. We all loved Perk and his work ethic, but let’s face it, he is not the most talented or athletic center. In addition, he had the annoying habit of always bringing the ball down when he caught it inside. If we can find the right center, we’ll be better.
    Keep the faith.

  • Well said.

  • Man, watching him and Wafer flying up and down the court with Rondo. Things could get exciting around here. Green is fearless to the hoop and he got some Hops

  • Thanks KWAPT. The problem is I'm not sure if the players will embrace Camby or Dalembert?  Maybe Danny has someone else in mind?
    The D-league call up Chris Johnson is already an upgrade over Semih.
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  • From what I've heard, guys like Dalembert and/or Camby aren't going to be available. We'll see. I personally think Ainge is betting that Shaq's going to hold-up for the entire postseason. I'd love to see that, but don't think it's realistic. Either way, yesterday was the 1st step in what will be the dismantling of the core of the 2007-08 championship team. Sad to say, but by 2013, will be alot of new faces.

  • Any chance C's go after or get Howard in 2012? Doc and Howard seem pretty tight, smiling and hugging after games. If we signed Howard or another big name free agent, we'd have to send back KG and/or Ray to pay them.  Now "trading" KG–that would cause a firestorm…  In any event, we will need another top 5 player to run with Rondo after the big 3 go or retire.  Any ideas who Danny has his eyes on to be our next PP/finisher/star? Every great team needs one.
    Will Green ever be a regular starter?
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  • Hey-here's a great list of all the free-agents, team by team, for next year: http://sports.espn.go.com/nba/news/story?page=FreeAgents-11-12

  • Thanks KWAPT,
    Did you get the article about the Possible Przybilla buyout?
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