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Taking a deep breath, and spewing emotionally about Kendrick Perkins

Perk howard

Earlier, I took a step back from the shock of today and I tried to make sense of what happened today.  I stand by that analysis and maintain that we still need to wait and see before we judge the effect of today's trades on the team. 

But now I want to be a fan.  An emotional fan that has developed irrational attachments to people I've never met simply because they wore the right laundry and played the game I love in a manner which made me happy.

Kendrick Perkins isn't perfect.  He has flaws just like all of us.  But that might be why we love him so much in Boston.  We gravitate towards guys like him around here.  Sure, we love our stars, but we always develop a much closer connection to those grimy guys that make the most of their talent.  We love the "work hard" guys more than we like the "wow, it's just so easy for him" guys.  I don't really know if its like that in other markets… but I know its like that here.  It's why guys like Leon Powe were so popular. 

I'll tell you what's eating at me right now.  Just before we were blind-sided by the Perk trade, I read this from Chris Forsberg: 

Celtics center Kendrick Perkins suggested at shootaround that he'll wait "five or six" days to let a mild sprain of his left MCL heal, but hoped to return before the end of Boston's four-game road trip. 

"No, I might play in one of these games," said Perkins. Asked if he was serious, he added emphatically, "Yeah, I'm a Celtic, man."

Yes, you are, Perk.  These Celtics are a bunch of grimy bastards.  They are part schoolyard bully, and Perk was chief among the lunch-money-takers.  He's never the best player on the floor, but you kinda felt like he was the baddest.  KG has the bark, but Perk has the bite.  On the floor, he's a mean sonuvabich who will rip his momma's arm off to protect the rim.  At least that's how it felt.  And as a fan, I appreciated that because it meant as much to him as it does to me. 

When I hear that he was sent to tears about being traded, it just hammered home how much he not only meant to the team, but this team meant to him.  This Celtics team was a close-knit a family as you'll find in pro sports.  It kills me to know it killed him.  Teams just don't have that kind of chemistry anymore.  It's hard to find. 

I'm not gonna lie right now.  I hate Danny Ainge for doing this.  We might still win the title and I'll go crazy if the C's do… but I'm still gonna hate this move.  The best I'll ever get is "I hated the move but it was a good decision."  That's the best case scenario for me.  Grudging acceptance.  

I'm gonna miss big Perk and that awesome Texas drawl of his.  I'm gonna miss him out on the floor as a great compliment to four future Hall of Famers.  I'm gonna miss that edge that he brings this team.  This guy took being "a Celtic" to heart.  He made me, as an irrational fan who wants to believe these guys care about the city, the colors, the laundry and the building as much as I do, feel that he and I felt the same way about playing basketball in Boston.  

Business is business… but Perk is Perk.  And I'm gonna miss that guy.

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  • The best I’ll ever get is “I hated the move but it was a good decision.”
    That about sums it up for me too. I do think that it is important to not jump to conclusions until we fill our remaining three spots.
    Also, I think Perk was going to bounce for more money anyway – so as someone who plans on being a Celtic fan for more than the next year and a half, I am glad that Danny is thinking about the future. I think the strategy is going to be the Celtics just renting the right kind of players through KG’s deal, and then we’ll be poised to add pieces to Rondo for the longer term.

  • G4L

    Amen brother!! I can wrap my head around it yet. I honestly feel worse than the time I got dumped by a girlfriend… terrible

  • Business is business… but Perk is Perk. And I’m gonna miss that guy.
    Amen! He’ll always be a Celtic.

  • I really hope this trade works out, but man am I going to miss Perk.

  • I agree John. I really hate Ainge for this too. Perk was a bruiser, and intimidator, a roughian. The type of dude players on the other team loathe facing. I do not believe we can win a title this year with Kristic (can’t believe I’m typing his name) and the O’Neals as our only bigs. Hell, J.O. may never play again, let alone this year.

  • Why would you miss Perk? As a Lakers fan you should be ecstatic.

  • Lex

    kiss of death:
    Chaz barkley likes the trade for boston

  • You just illustrated why this was a bad trade. Perk does garbage man’s work…and likes it. He’s tough and no one in this league of passive, indifferent stars likes playing against him. Is a finesse player like Kristic going to bond with his teammates and do the dirty work? No. Is a budding “star” like Jeff Green going to accept being a bench player after starting for 3 years? I doubt it.
    I expect the 1st time Green goes up against KG in practice, he’ll be like “fuck this, it was more fun in OKC.”

  • The Celtics really are playing with fire. Why in the hell would you guys mess with team chemistry? As a Laker fan, I was wondering who the Lakers could trade or add to match with the Celtics frontcourt. I mean how can you match up with Garnett, Perkins, Big Baby, Shaq, (even Semih, Hargody, and JO)? Out of those guys Perkins scared the crap out opposing teams. My answer was we can’t match up with your frontcourt, unless the Celtics do something stupid and trade away Perkins or Garnett–which in my wildest dream i thought, would never happen. Garnett would never get traded of course. Perkins, no way–that’s the big bully that is part of the two headed monster of KG-Perkins. Guess what? The Celtics may have shot themselves in the foot and answered the prayers of Laker fans everywhere. (They even gave up Semih and Hargody, who I thought were decent “large body” role players.)

  • the celtics signed a d-leaguer for tonight’s game…
    let’s see how this works…

  • Green will come off the bench and like it, dammit.

  • I think Perk says “I’m a soldier” in that video. Could be wrong though.

  • Chuck, you pretty much summed it right there as best as any of us could. You said it all, man.
    Miss you, Perk.

  • Like alot of you, I thought this was gonna be one of those years we’d never forget. Perk was a big part of that. Danny looks like an idiot on this one I’m sorry to say. Lost is that defensive presence that was this team’s calling card. They’re partying their asses off in OKC tonite….they fleeced Ainge for 2 guys they didnt want.

  • I’m gonna try and justify this… TRY being the operative word. Perk may have bolted – he also had bung knees and after a few games starined the same knee he screwed before. He was the C’s Bynum, except we loved him.
    I don’t buy the ‘Green will shit himself when KG goes for him’ shit – he’s a talented player who’s never had to play D in his life – just like Nate didn’t have to…
    KG will get him on side and turn him into a great player rather than just a scorer.
    Remember Larry Johnson? Was a scorer in Charlotte playing for a run and gun team. Then went to the Knicks and used to guard everyone from Duncan to Penny Hardaway to McGrady because JVG made him a stopper. Green is athletic – there’s no reason why he can’t be a good defender.
    Put it this way – they won’t LET him be a bad one….
    As for the big man situation….um…Chris Johnson has 3 blocks already!!!!

  • I love Perk, and it sucks to see him go. But he was going to go anyway. He didn’t sign the extention,and thats all the Cs could offer, especially with the Cap limit coming down with the new agreement. Green didn’t sign an extension with OKC and we need a back up for Pierce and Allen, so there it is. Also, once Shaq and Jermaine come back (if Jermaine isn’t actually made of straw), we will have depth at center-Shaq, Jermaine, Krstic, Baby, and the rookie if need be. Also, we have some empty spaces, money, and picks to pick some people up in the post trade buyout period. Nate was dissapointing this season, Semi had potential but whatever, and Luke needs way more time to become valuable. —And, although I belive it is completely incorrect, I’m just going to say it, what if danny gave up on this year and is preparing to pick up Dwight Howard during free agency. Doubt it, but I wouldn’t miss Perk so much if we had Howard.

  • OOOHHH! Didn’t you give that asshole hell for that chair throwing incident? And now he’s a Celtic…

  • Should the C’s win this year it would be classy of them to give a ring to Perk and Quisy as well.

  • LMAO..I did..and I still don't like him. He's soft. Did you see his rebounding & shot-block stats? For a 7-footer? Livid.

  • Hey KWAPT! Yes I am wearing a lakers jersey, but I am in no way a lakers fan. I absolutely hate the lakers and despise anything and everything remotely associated with the lakers. I had to take that picture because I lost a bet.

  • Hey KWAPT! Yes I am wearing a lakers jersey, but I am in no way a lakers fan. I absolutely hate the lakers and despise anything and everything remotely associated with the lakers. I had to take that picture because I lost a bet.

  • Ahhh..I get it. Sorry Luis..had to ask! Thanks for coming by the site and I hope you continue to do so!