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Taking a deep breath, and looking at the C’s moves realistically

Perk in a suit

Ok, we're all freaking out because Kendrick Perkins is no longer a Celtic.  It's a jarring move that is hard to explain. Perkins has been a defensive monster and is a huge reason why the Celtics have been able to get past Orlando in the East.  

But at a time like this, its easy to forget a lot of the criticisms that have been thrown his way.  I remember in the playoffs people were calling him a liability on offense.  Earlier this year, when Shaq was healthy, people wanted to start him for the rest of the year. 

So it's not as if everyone in Boston was completely sold on Kendrick Perkins.  Add to that his knee issues and contract situation, and it's possible Danny Ainge figured parting with him now was palatable.  Call it a lesser version of the Melo/Williams scenario.  I'm in no way a fan of this move, but when you take all things into account, I can at least see a little bit of the reasoning.  I'm not so sure how the rest of the team is going to like it.  That starting five has been through some wars.  Those guys love Perk.  They won't like this.

This also must mean that the C's are comfortable with Shaquille O'Neal's health.  For them to be OK with getting rid of Perkins and getting Nenad Krstic in return, they have to know O'Neal will be healthy enough to play meaningful minutes.  It also shows that they are happy with Glen Davis, and comfortable giving him some time defending a guy like Dwight Howard.

Oh, speaking of Dwight…. as Zach Lowe put so nicely on Twitter… if they're not paying Perkins an extension, that leaves the books open in 2012 for a potential max free agent to come to town.  As of right now, only Pierce and Rondo are signed beyond 2011/12.  We'll just file that under "something to keep in the back of your mind"

Back to this season.  The C's get Nenad Krstic, whom I've called a punk in the past, to fill the hole at center.  He's in the last year of his deal, which pays him $5.8 million this year.  He's not going to wow anyone, but he's capable of scoring a few points and grabbing a few rebounds.  He won't be the defender Perkins was, but few people are.  He is, however, better offensively… so that should be noted.

The C's also get Jeff Green… who is an interesting guy.  He's 6'9", 235 and can fill the hole behind Paul Pierce right now.  He's been asked to play a lot of the 4, but he's not really a power forward.  His shooting percentages are down this year, especially from 3.  But he IS averaging 15.2 ppg and 5.6 rpg.  Not stellar rebounding numbers for a power forward, but if he plays in a more natural 3 spot, who knows if he'll be more comfortable. 

Meanwhile, the C's jettisoned Nate Robinson… a nice guy with a great attitude but a horribly frustrating style of play.  He's never been comfortable in the back up point guard role, and it's hard to say whether he would have snapped out of it now that Delonte is back.  The return of Delonte, however, did make him expendable.  I love Nate's passion and effort… but he was just not working here.  

On top of all that, the Celtics got the Clippers 2012 first round pick.  It's top-10 protected, but it's an asset that Danny can use in an offseason trade or to get young talent in for the future. 

So to sum up the first deal of the day:  It hurts.  It hurts to lose Kendrick Perkins and it hurts to see your enforcer, a popular team-first player and hard-nosed defender, go away.  Nenad Krstic does not make up for that loss and I don't like it one bit. BUT… this isn't going to torpedo the Celtics quest for a title, either.  The Celtics still have the Big 4, they clearly think Shaq will be able to come back and be fine, they're putting a lot of faith in Glen Davis, and they think they can figure out a way to get past Orlando even without Perk.   Plus, Jeff Green is a good young player that can easily step in and fill in for Marquis Daniels quite well.  And getting rid of Nate is a little bit of addition by subtraction.  

The shock of this trade made it seem like the C's got hosed, but it's really not as bad as it seems.  Taking the emotional attachment to Perk away from this (which is hard, I'll admit), this isn't the killer we all thought it might be when we first heard about it.  The Celtics have beaten Miami twice without Kendrick Perkins.  The Celtics have beaten Orlando without Perkins.  It can be done.  It will be much more difficult, but it's not impossible. 

On top of all this, the Celtics cleared three roster spots by sending Luke and Semih to Cleveland for a second round pick and Quis to Sacramento for cash.  So Danny Ainge clearly isn't done yet.  We will have to see what he does with those three open spots before we fully pass judgement on this sudden reconstruction of the Boston Celtics.  

I'll say this, though:  A lot of the shine came off of Danny Ainge today.  He's got some sack trading a universally loved guy like Kendrick Perkins.  He has pissed off the fans and the players and it's not going to be easy to swallow the "this is a business" line this time around… for anyone.  And I'm skeptical of anyone who deals with Sam Presti.  I haven't seen many teams come out on top of those kinds of deals.

But Danny has done so before when he got Ray Allen for Wally, Delonte and the pick that became Jeff Green.  And now Delonte and Green play for the Celtics.  So maybe Danny does know what he's doing.  He's certainly been doing the job longer than any of us.  And he sure as hell made things a lot more interesting around here.

So I hate that Perk is gone, but it's not as bad as it seems.  And we're still not done.  So let's see what else Trader Danny's got up his sleeve.

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  • Lex

    . but David Aldridge disagrees:
    daldridgetnt: Told Cs will NOT be re-signing Sheed. Gotta be Murphy after buyout.

  • “So I hate that Perk is gone, but it’s not as bad as it seems. And we’re still not done. So let’s see what else Trader Danny’s got up his sleeve.”
    I wholeheartedly agree. I don’t even know how to feel right now.

  • Yes… since John published this story, there have been multiple reports claiming Sheed won’t be returning.

  • I have a hard time feeling for players who are mad about losing Perk. Would they all take a pay cut to pay him? And they have to know the nature of the business. I can understand being upset about losing a teammate but they better get over it fast and be professionals.
    As fans we can be upset about this as long as we like (many will be upset as long as it takes Boston to win #18)As well paid professionals the players better be over it already.

  • Whether Perk was gonna resign or not, Ainge just pissed away #18. This couldnt have waited while they get another ring in afew months? I’ve never been so pissed at Ainge. They had a guy who could cover Howard and maybe keep this defense alive after KG is someday gone.
    Jeff Green cant even get his 4th year guaranteed. Is this Danny’s revenge for getting sent to Sac-town all those years ago?

  • I’d love to see Dalemebert in green jersey but is it possible?

  • if danny gave perk his extension and got their reaction as “we’re going for max money”, than this was a no brainer. so essentially this trade gives pieces to rest peirce and in june a healthy pierce is better than a healthy perk

  • “Sheed is NOT walking through that door.” *Rick Pitino voice* KG, Ray and Paul are NOT..NOT happy. Trading your starting center 3 months before playoffs with no solid back-up right now? BAD. Bad. bad. Don’t get me wrong, C’s still a good team, but WHY WHY WHY WHY would you trade a good, strong, rebounder when that’s why we couldn’t get through L.A. last year? STUPID. Nate for Green? Solid. Green is a long, athletic kid with a decent jumpshot. Marquis is another story-I know he’s banged-up and we need healthy bodies. What a day.

  • tiny gallon just got called up- he’s the next beast!

  • It’s either Sheed or wait for a buyout. I hate Troy Murphy’s game. Why Semih though? I’ve watched alot of OKC games lately, Kristic barely plays and I’d say isnt any better than Semih.
    They had this..

  • i’ve felt that dalembert would be a perfect fit on this team for a long time. hopefully it happens.

  • Lex

    Money must be on SO and JO to get and stay healthy

  • But they didn’t have green. They got a 15ppg and 6reb forward and a 9pppg an 7reb center for a 9ppg and 8reb dented-can center and a streaky 6ppg midget bench guard.
    and we’ll get Troy Murphy and possibly Rip Hamilton for three guys who likely wont be NBA caliber players in a year or two (Semih, Luke, Marquis).

  • rolling the dice on a long shot will not raise banner 18

  • Doesnt look like Rip is being bought out. I’ve never liked Troy…he’s Sheed without the defense.
    Perk’s value isnt measured in stats though….it’s about him and KG working together and making the middle theirs. We just lost that. Shaq & JO can barely move on their BEST nights. We had a guy who rushed back from surgery and would have died for the C’s and now were supposed to trust an old fat guy who already has 4 rings and an arthritic hip. Can you tell I’m bitter?

  • this article makes a lot of assumptions. i have very little confidence that most of them are right (not a dig, by the way–id probably write something similar)
    Shaq is a huge question mark, and nothing out of the C’s camp has led me to believe he is in any great shape. Assuming Krstic can really do anything for us this late in the season (unfamiliar with sets/philosophy) is something I cant do. And with one more year, Semih could have become a)solid role player b) better developed, more valuable trade piece.
    I REALLY want to see positives in this. Right now I see none.
    One question I have: Is this a basketball or a business decision. Im not talking about Perk wanting big dough. Im talking about Wyc and Co. and the state of their finances. I, for one, would be disgusted to learn that they were involved in unseemly profit-taking, ie. a Gaston redux.

  • this is the only way i can think about it and not be depressed. i’m just concerned about losing that defensive rapport that the starting 5 with perk had that was so good. i really hope danny knows what he’s doing…

  • Lex

    The Celtics stun the NBA with a pair of deals – Ball Don’t Lie – NBA – Yahoo! Sports
    On an open roster, we don’t know where Jeff Green plays. He’s a poor rebounder, an awful defender at the power forward slot, and he doesn’t do enough offensively to warrant a look at small forward. And yet, this doesn’t stop him from shooting nearly four three-pointers a game, despite making only 30 percent of his looks from out there. His shot selection has been an issue since his rookie year, and it’s still hard to tell, exactly, where he fits in this league. Other than a guy that seems to luck into getting big minutes and plenty of shot opportunities.

  • In other words, a RINGING ENDORSEMENT!

  • +43

  • Rest is also very important. With Jeff Green, the Celtics are now going to be able to rest Paul Pierce and KG in the 2nd half. That is HUGE. We’ll see if everything works out though. Shaq is still a great center.

  • So how long do we wait until we create a “Fire Danny Ainge” website?
    Seriously, if we make it to the finals, and lose to the fucking Lakers b/c of lack of boards/defense, or get pounded by Howard before then, all I can say is Run Danny Run. Fucking hard.

  • I’m a Laker fan and I think this was a very, very, very poor trade for the Celtics. What makes you guys so formidable (sp?) is your interior presence, and the fact that Perkins is a downright beast. Its like you guys trading Robert Parish. Just the mentality and attitude Perkins brings to the Celtics is just nasty. Being a Laker fan, I’m surprised your team rolled the dice. The best trades are sometimes the ones not made at all. I know for a fact that Bynum does not fear Green and Krystic at all. If you need any reminder, go back to last years playoffs in games 1 and 2 when the Lakers faced the Thunder and see how Bynum played against those two players. Bynum on the otherhand, is kinda intimidated by Perkins. And this is coming from a Laker fan. It makes Oklahoma much more tougher to play, but it makes your Celtics less menacing. But as we all know, the Celtics aren’t done yet. I can tell they are looking to add some players, so we’ll find out.

  • the shot selection will improve greatly when playing with Rondo instead of Westbrook.

  • Sign Leon Powe…Cavs just waived him and guy has a hell of a heart…100% effort kind of guy and hes young…he’s no perk but he can D some pretty good guys up.

  • absolutely