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For those of you who dislike the Perk trade…

IhateDannyAingeTee_kelly_2 is taking advantage of the criticism surrounding the Perk to OKC trade and marketing this "I hate Danny Ainge" t-shirt.

The shirt dates back to 1987 when Danny spotted a couple of Detroit Pistons' fans wearing them during a playoff game. Ainge asked the fans for one of the shirts and wore it during warm-ups.

We're told the tees will be made available at 10pm.

A picture of Danny sporting the tee… after the jump.

Ihatedanny ainge_0530

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  • Unnecessary!!!!! I say cut the man some slack, I’m pretty sure nothing that went down today was for bad reasoning, give Danny a break, he’s doing his best!

  • the legend of danny strainge lives!