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C’s trade Erden/Harangody for 2nd round pick?

I am absolutely, completely, thoroughly confused.  We have now traded two of our four centers.  The other two are hurt.  In return we've got Jeff Green, Nenad Krstc and a second round pick.  

The C's now have two open roster spots… meaning they are clearly going to pursue someone in the buyout market.  

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  • Never mind I take back everything earlier, I said Danny has clearly lost his mind

  • We must be clearing space for 3 buyouts…

  • now our center are the perfect combo of old, slow, and break easy.

  • Guaranted we’re making room for buyouts. It’s the only explanation. The Celtics don’t trade players for 2nd round picks just for the fun of it, especially when we’re already thin at center.
    These trades might not be the worst thing in the world.

  • can you say troy murphy?

  • Tonight’s Celtics available at game time include:
    wait whut?


  • Lex

    The Army!
    Whutt upp??
    I say this is in exchange for Parker.

  • Lex

    Perkins for Jeff GReen?????????????????

  • Lex

    Some serious shit is going down.
    Maybe Semi Truck and Luke was just clearing room.
    No Semi, no Perk.
    Who the fuck is coming dis way???

  • Lex

    holy F!

  • Lex

    Nenad Krstić????
    More shit to follow
    Has to
    just has to

  • Lex


  • Lex

    Gotta run.
    There has to be another 5 coming.
    Oh wait.
    F’n A.

  • You’re about an hour late to the party Lex. Old news now.

  • Lex

    DW better stay healthy or then what??!!
    So everyone agrees sheed is coming back?
    Fat sheed?

  • Lex

    I was late to my own wedding.
    So nothing new there.

  • Maybe I’m hallucinating?
    Maybe someone’s blackmailing Danny?
    ‘Cause I’m pretty sure there’s no way these moves make sense…

  • Goodbye, Semih. Youre a keeper. (right danny?) (sharpens pitchfork)

  • I no longer trust Ainge, this is fucked….we HAD this….

  • It must be that Perk wasn’t going to re-sign. So good job to Danny and co for keeping that quiet.

    This move though is such a wait and see…the other shoe hasn’t dropped yet…
    Depending on who else is coming from buyouts and/or as yet unannounced trades (celtics.com is yet to be updated with any sort of announcement…) we can probably still contend this year…we’ll need a healthy enough Shaq for the whole playoffs though…

  • The other shoe is Sheed….
    I couldnt care less if Perk resigned, they were gonna win it all! Kristic sucks! Green sucks! Semih for a 2nd rounder is fuckin stupid on it’s own…

  • Eh I’m sure we’re still in this, at least this year. We’ve done fine without Perk against the best the league has this year. The playoffs are different but…knock on the parquet…we’re definitely still in this.
    Cavs are also over the roster limit now…they may be releasing Leon Powe and that may be an unofficial part of the deal.

  • Man this sucks. Now Boston won’t make it out of the East and will forever make excuses like “we didn’t win it in 2011 because we traded away perkins…blah blah blah.” Damn it, there is no Laker fan that wanted this. I liked big bad mean Boston but now…damn Boston is soft man. Check out this nuggets and celtics game, kmart and nene punkin you guys. FTW this sucks.