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BREAKING: Perk traded!

RedsArmyAdmin February 24, 2011 Uncategorized 35 Comments on BREAKING: Perk traded!

I'm completely stunned.  Stay tuned

UPDATE:  Nenad Krstic will come to Boston

UPDATE 2:!/ESPNForsberg/status/40865523847798784

Twitter / Chris Forsberg: RT @chadfordinsider: Confi … via kwout

I'm absolutely stunned at this deal.  Why do you give up Kendrick Perkins, one of the best defensive centers in the league?  For Jeff Green and Krstic?  REALLY??? 

All I can hope for is Perk failing the physical and undoing this mess.

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  • Holy Fuck!

  • im fuckin gonna cry ! no no no no nono no Perk

  • Perk! I can’t believe this. This has everything to do with BBD and Perk’s contracts being up after this season.

  • This is completely, utterly moronic.
    We took two useless players, and gave OKC the last piece they needed to be a contender.
    What the f**k Danny?

  • No fucking way. I dont even fucking believe this. (fingers in ears) lalalalalalalala


    ??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!!??!?!!?!?!?!?!? tell me that “package” includes KEVIN DURANT!!!!!!

  • Danny must want Dwight Howard.

  • I feel like there must be another move coming up that will make this move make sense. Last season, it was our lack of an inside presence that allowed the Lakers to beat us in Game 7 and Danny spent the entire offseason improving upon that key weakness. I don’t believe that he would destroy our depth inside without there being another trade/FA Acquisition on the way.

  • Love Jeff Green, but holy shit… we’ve gotta have something up our sleeve to bring back Sheed or something. WOW I don’t know what to say… i t is definitely ballsy.

  • You know what? You must be right. Because he certainly has eyes on years other than this one. What other decent explanation is there?
    No Perk=No boards = No championship

  • Krstic?
    I mean, don’t get me wrong – Green is a nicer move than A. Parker – but seriously. Krstic?
    Please tell me you’ve got another Big MAn card up your sleeve, Danny.

  • Wojo says we also sent Robinson to OKC as part of the deal.

  • And Nate too!

  • Terrible trade. The C’s get smaller, break up the unit that has never lost a playoff series, and now depend on a broken Shaq, limited Semi, and a prayer that Jermaine O’Neal gets healthy. They also lose their kryptonite vs Dwight Howard.
    Now, I get Jeff Green for the future…but this year he’s a bench guy. Is KG going to play center? I just don’t get upsetting the chemistry.

  • So Perk + Nate for Krstic and Green? Seriously?

  • G4L

    Im throwing up as I type this…..

  • This cant be it. It just cant. Why? Please someone on this post give me a reasonable argument, hell, ANY argument as to how this makes any sense at all. Because I cant.

  • BREAKING NEWS: Celtics Season Ticket office phone system explodes as tens of thousands of callers flood the lines trying to undo their 2011-2012 season ticket renewals.
    Red’s Army: Who wants my playoff seats?

  • on Lighter note we got everyone back for the 2008 trade that brought ray here back except Wally’s world. I dig perks game but I think this year and in the long run this will help us! I am sober also(for now)this was a logicial move it makes me sick to my stomach but, it may make work out it is a gamble.

  • I really hope Danny realizes that if we don’t win the championship this year because of this trade, he’s going to get run out of town by an angry mob.

  • Green is averaging 15.2 points and 5.6 rebounds this season (espn)
    fuckin great. The guy can score. Complement the team well etc.

  • Boston has traded Semih Erdan and Luke Harangody to Cleveland for a second-round pick, source tells Y!

  • Orb


  • Who are we clearing space for?

  • Who teh fuck is going to play center tonight?

  • Paging Mr. Howard! Paging Mr. Dwight Howard!

  • I think that is the only thing that could make my head explode – in a good way.  Is that possible?

  • Well, Mr. Howard REEEEAAALLLY wants to come here….

  • This is barbaric. The guys can’t be happy with this.

  • Goodbye banner #18.
    It was nice to believe in it, but now we’re done.
    Hard to tell why he was traded; my opinion is something broke when he refused the deal Celtics offered him about a month ago.
    Or, maybe Danny has a bigger picture (DH? Right now is pure fantasy..)
    Anyway, I feel like something ended for good. Really bad feeling.

  • So long banner 18. This is fucked.

  • [deep breaths]
    The only explanation has to be…
    Perk wasn’t going to re-sign here.
    So I have to say…great job to Danny and the organization for keeping that pretty quiet.
    It may be that the rumor was true that Perk is interested in Miami…
    This move would be a nice way to give him something else to consider…and maybe keep Miami from getting him.
    Perk is from Texas so OKC is close to home. The fans there are awesome, and he’ll be playing with Westbrook and Durant. And lots of good players have been moving east, so if you want to contend, the west is looking better.

  • Hold on! Jeff Green and Rondo are nice building blocks for the future. Green us a sugnificant upgrade at the 3/4.
    Perk was limited this year coming off the injury (20 min a game), and we couldn’t sign him for next year ( he turned down the extension offer)
    All we need to win this year is a Defensive Center. I think Camby is going to be bought out. He may not be as nice a guy as Perk, but he’s a better shot blocker, is more mobile ( even at his age), and is even a better scorer. If C’s can pick up someone like Camby to man the middle, they’re still on track for Banner 18 this year and we will be in better position to go after Dwight Howrd in 2012.
    Keep the faith!

  • Wow! Danny is up to something. Well, we got a 3. I hate to see Perk go. He is a Celtic. I think he will succeed in OKC.