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And Marquis is gone too

RedsArmyAdmin February 24, 2011 Uncategorized 38 Comments on And Marquis is gone too

That clears another spot. 

Sacramento needed to do something becasue it was actually below the minimum-spending threshold.  Now the Celtics have three open roster spots.  

Danny Ainge is not done remaking this roster.  The Celtics are now open for buyout business

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  • RAS

    Nothing to do with this move, 8 available players tonight. So what number will Doc take when he has to suit up tonight?

  • 69. Doctor Love, paging doctor Love.

  • My heart is killing me…
    Perkins is gone… oh god… oh god why…

  • So whos the lucky guy(s) gonna be? Fuck you Danny, you better fucking come through! You Better!

  • Anybody else going to get hammered silly tonight?

  • what the hell is going on?

  • any chance at all of kristy and green suiting up and playing tonight?

  • Aren’t we short a player now? We’re required to have at least 13 players on roster, right?

  • So what if Murphy or others are not bought out?

  • Were screwed.

  • Woj. tweeted Celtics veterans are “livid”. No fuckin shit man? really?

  • Then we’re FUBAR.

  • Don’t blame them. This was pretty much a blindside.

  • This is like a bad dream

  • it’s little early don’t think?

  • Im not. Sarcasm+internet=fail

  • the red’s army website banner department must be scrambling right now

  • Best f’kin record in the East and now everything goes boom. I want Danny f’kin Ainge out of the goddamn town NOW.

  • I can see Perk for Green and Kristic….but why dump two young bigs for a 2nd round pick? Rip and Troy Murphy better get bought out and sign on the green dotted line.

  • I’m still hoping we’re all drunk already, this is a weird dream, and when we wake up we’ll be hung over but Perk will still be a Celtic.

  • Lex

    I return to the 1988 christmas party:
    Danny said you trade ’em while you can
    Not saying I agree
    But he is on record

  • Lex

    Nobody thinks parker is coming?

  • Lex

    So we’re going with a 5 on the perimeter
    Raef LaFrentz revisited

  • danny needs to rescind every trade today. totally baffled with these backward moves?? none make sense and no one of significance will become available!!

  • Say goodbye to the record.
    Say goodbye to the banner.
    The most we can get is 2nd round at playoffs, if we can make it.

  • Who f’kn cares about Parker.. 🙁

  • Lex

    best I can tell the only back up point we have is dw and he can’t stay healthy.
    So parker would fill that need.
    Someone ought to care about parker.

  • Lex
  • wow today has been wild. I’m a mad laker fan. and this shocks us here in the westcoast. All we hear is that game7 would be diff if yall had perk. Now that possibility is gone. Feel bad for yall fans. farreals tho, we alittle scared of OKC. The East is gon be wild as hell…

  • Calm down.
    Perk has played in a total of 12 games, and we’re 8-4 in those games. So its not like the team got that much better when he returned.
    The other 4 players were barely contributing.
    We now have a terrific guy to backup Pierce, a healthy offensive center, and 3 roster spots to improve.
    We still play the games and we still have the Big 4. So climb off your ledge.

  • Danny is either doing something incredibly smart or incredibly stupid.

  • I’m reeling from all these trades. Can’t process things right now. It’s not over yet. Danny, I have faith you have a plan. Sorta…

  • time to update the banner…gonna be some work this time

  • I am…..I feel like they just pissed away the championship.
    I wanna kill Ainge.

  • Green sucks, didnt even get his 4th year guaranteed.

  • C’entra nulla ma… Caterpillar di dove sei?

  • Lex

    Look out lakers
    OKC HAS #43!!!!

  • Roma! Tu? 😀