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Add Jared Dudley’s name to the list of players we can’t get

Jared dudley In a series of tweets today, Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski explained the interest many teams have in Jared Dudley.  One of those teams was the Boston Celtics

Celtics have dangled Nate Robinson and 1st round pick, which isn't the most appealing package on market to get a talented perimeter player.


To be clear on Celts, I'm told they haven't checked on Dudley very recently. No sense Suns will move him, but he has great value to teams.

This just highlights how little the C's have to work with.  They have no choice but to use Nate as a trade chip because of his salary.  Add to that the C's pick will be low in a weak draft and you've got two things that won't even make teams consider a move.  

We've said it a million times but I'll say it again… think buyout when it comes to adding a player to the C's this year.  The trade thing is going to be damn near impossible to pull off.

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  • Damn, the first tweet seemed positive, but the second one seems to have killed it. If the Suns really are trying to shed salary, Nate and Quis (to be bought out) and a pick is quite a good deal for them surely. Nate would be quite well fitted to their style of ball too. Dudley would be an awesome fit too.
    I’m going to cry when we end up with a huge scrub, or giving away someone important like Semih for a mediocre player because we’ve been priced out of the market otherwise.

  • I have the answer!!!!!!!! we Clutch shooter and a solid defender and who know how to win John, Chuck email Danny tell ROBERT HORRY!!!!!!!!!! and if can’t Larry Hughes needs work although this website has me worried

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  • Why even blog about this?