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Your Morning Dump… Where Perk’s knee is “real sore”

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Perkins said the injury "is real sore," adding that he is not scheduled to undergo any additional testing right now. 

The biggest fear when he went down for Celtics fans, was that he re-injured his right knee.

In Game Six of the NBA Finals, Perkins suffered a torn MCL and PCL injury that some thought might sideline him all season. 
As far as treatments for the injury, "we'll know in the morning," Perkins told "I wish it wouldn't have happened to either [knee]."

CSNNE: Perkins hopes to play Thursday

Like I said last night in the recap, when an injury is really serious, the guy gets sent to the back for an X-ray.  Perk sat on the bench last night and isn't scheduled for any sort of MRI.  So ultimately, he'll be fine. 

The question is whether this thing will be too stiff for him to play.  And while there's really no chance of him going out there and making it worse (unless he bumps it again) if he does play… the C's have to be cautious of sending him out there because of his OTHER knee.

If the left knee is stiff, the right leg will compensate for it.  You might know it is "limping"… which puts added pressure on the healthy leg.  Since his right knee is just coming off the ACL repair, the last thing I want is for him to be putting any extra pressure on that thing.  So I'm all for being extra cautious and sitting him out Thursday if that thing can't get loosened up before the game.  I'm sure between now and then these guys can come up with something to help get the knee ready.  But if that's a deep enough bruise, I want them to take no chances.

On Page 2: Marquis is still meeting with specialists… so the C's will turn to… Troy Murphy?

His agent, Mark Bartelstein, said yesterday that Daniels plans to meet with the Celtics medical staff in a week to discuss a plan of action for treating his bruised spinal cord.

Daniels has met with three specialists, and over the next week plans to meet with two more doctors for additional opinions.

“There are different opinions, and it’s too premature right now to say what is going to happen,” said Bartelstein. “There are different ways to get him healthy, to get him right. Right now it looks like it’s going to be another week before we all sit down with (team physician) Dr. (Brian) McKeon to go over it.”

Herald: Marquis Daniels has docs on deck

Troy murphy Five different specialists with differing opinions on how to treat Marquis?  This is going to be a long process.  And it's a process that is fueling the C's urgency to sign or trade someone. 

So who's in the lead today?  According to SI's Chris Mannix, it's Troy Murphy (Miami also a front runner).  He's about to be traded to Golden State… and then bought out.  Murphy is not the best defender in the world, but he can shoot and rebound… but apparently not in a Nets uniform.  After averaging 14.3 pts/11.8 reb and 14.6 pts/10.2 reb, Murphy has put up 3.6/4.2 in Jersey.  Something is up there. 

Of all the names out there, Murphy might give the C's the most offensively.  They'll have to compensate for his defense somehow, but they're doing that now anyway… so we'll just have to see what Doc and crew come up with if he does join the team.

So that leaves the obvioius question: Who gets bought out in Boston?  Is it Marquis with the promise that he can stay in Boston and have all his rehab taken care of here?  Is it Von Wafer who managed only seven minutes of playing time last night?  Is it Nate Robinson, who frustrates the hell out of so many of us with his wild offense (he took a 3 last night with 21 seconds on the shot clock and no one back to rebound.  Yeah, another one)? 

I guess that's the wait-and-see part of this whole thing.

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  • I’m pretty sure I read somewhere that it’s perks other knee that he knocked today, not the injured one, no?
    His quote at the top about not wanting it for “either knee” would make more sense if that was the case too.
    I might be wrong though.

  • It was his left knee he knocked. My point was I don’t want him playing if his right knee will have to overcompensate for his left one being stiff

  • I think I can say that Nate Robinson should be out of the Celtics roster. At times, he’s incredibly useless on the offense and defensive end.

  • I wouldn’t want to give up on Marquis too soon. Even if he doesn’t come back this season, he was having a pretty great season before his injury. And if the Celtics give him time to recover, when he comes back next season he could be just as good. He offers so much to the C’s. He’s definitely one of their best defenders coming off the bench and he’s good at getting to the hoop. Honestly I do think the Celtics would be better off trading Robinson although that would mean one less back up point guard for Rondo and who knows if West will have more problems with his wrist… He looked pretty good last night though. My point… don’t trade Marquis just yet.

  • Ah ok, my bad didn’t see that.
    Just read he’s sitting for 3 games to rest it. Probably for the best, but it’s a shame we’re losing him when we’re going into a stretch of games with teams depleted by trades, just turns them from easy wins into slightly more difficult games which is a shame.

  • If we buy him out we can always pick him back up if he recovers. I don’t think we’re giving up on him either way, if we trade him it’s probably so a team can buy him out, and we’ll probably have a subtle deal with him to return next year and still pay for all his medical treatment etc, or if we buy him out probably the same thing. But yeah I don’t think we’re giving up on Quis, and agree he was having a great season, we just need his roster slot.