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To trade Semih… or not to trade Semih… that is the question


The transactions are really flyin' huh? 

There are all sorts of trades being made right now… and as of the moment, the C's have not joined in the fun.  Of course, it's not because they don't want to.  It's because they really can't.  As we've said a million times already… they just don't have much to offer. 

So when we see reports like the Cavs looking for Semih Erden as part of a package for Anthony Parker… we have to pause.  Would the Celtics trade away a decent young big man for an old swing man just to fill a hole for the rest of the season?

Well, it depends. 

The C's stumbled onto a bit of a gem with Erden.  He was drafted years ago and allowed to develop overseas in his native Turkey.  Now, after some seasoning and tutelage from some of the best big men to play the game, Semih is a decent contributor.  He has shown a toughness that will serve him well over his NBA career.  He's still quite prone to turnovers and he hasn't exactly been owning the boards… but he's show enough ability to contribute so far to make you think he'll be a solid back-up in this league.  

And really, how many solid back-up bigs are you going to find out there?  In fact, take "back-up" out of that last sentence and it still holds.  They don't come along often.

But then again, neither do chances to win an NBA title.  And despite how great we think this team is, the Marquis Daniels injuries leave a sizeable hole in the roster.  Without a solid back up to Pierce, the C's are a bit hosed if the Truth gets into foul trouble (or worse).  So if they're really going to make a run… they're going to have to figure something out. 

Which leaves us at that age-old trade deadline debate:  Do you try to win now and figure the rest out later… or do you maintain your future and hope you can cobble something together now to finish the job?

I have always been a "win now" kinda guy.  I've seen promising teams fail to live up to expectations.  I've seen shouldas and couldas fall by the wayside.  I've seen teams blinded by the light of being so close to a championship that they don't see the gaping holes in front of them that will prevent them from reaching their goals.  All too often, teams are reluctant to give up the promise of what could be, simply because they romanticize the future.

Hell, we've all done it.  Haven't you met someone, somewhere in your life that you daydreamed about?  Haven't you started a job somewhere that you thought would make you happy for life?  Didn't you once see a gadget somewhere that you just had to have?   And how often do those things not turn out how you expected?  How many times did that person turn into a real loser, or that job become a pain in the ass, or that gadget get lost in the junk drawer?  

We envision futures without regard for the obstacles that could derail the daydream.  And we do the same with guys like Semih.  Because he's a "promising young big man," we just assume that he will continue to grow, and learn, and erase the mistakes he's making now.  It's not at all unrealistic to expect those things, but it's not at all guaranteed either.  

Of course, trading for Anthony Parker won't guarantee anything either.  But my point here is not to be open to trading Semih for Parker, specifically.  Its that we should be open to trading Semih for someone, if that person is the right fit for this team.  

And to be clear, I don't WANT to trade Semih.  I'm buying into the same promise as everyone else.  I think he can ultimately have a good career being a 15-20 minute back-up center that gives a team some decent production.  But that's just a guess.  And we can't say for sure that will happen. 

But we can say for sure that the Celtics are one of a handful of teams with legitimate shots at a parade before going home for the summer.  And we can say for sure that not getting some help for Paul Pierce now could really burn him out come playoff time.  So I'm perfectly willing to give up what might be in a few years for what we need right now.  If Semih Erden… or Avery Bradley for that matter, is that one piece of any value that could go to another team for a good back up to get the C's what they need right now… then they've really got no choice but to make the move.

(h/t Celtics Town for the link)

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  • Sam Amick: Warriors and Boston in discussions that would send Nate Robinson to the Warriors, source says. Not done yet though. Other pieces unclear. about 6 minutes ago

  • Nate for Dorell in a straight swap is a no brainer, but it’s also too good to be true, not sure if they’ll just take throw-in buyout guys like JO or Quis… We’re going to have to include Semih, and maybe someone else too.
    I’d give up Luke in a flash, but Semih has more value to us. Maybe we can convince GSW that Luke is a better fit because he can shoot the 3 or something. If we get rid of JO, and pick up Murphy we’re in as good a position as we thought we were at the start of the year, and are just giving up Nate to backup our thin SF position. Bradley and Delonte can split the remaining PG minutes, Wafer at 2 Wright at 3.

  • I’d much rather give up a first round pick than Semih. The only way i’d seriously consider trading Semih was if we could get a young wing that would help us now and be part of something we could build on in the future. there’s just too many average guys that we could acquire out there without giving semih up, for me to justify trading semih. like i’ve said before the difference in anthony parker and jarred jeffries, or rasual butler is not enough for me to be able to give up semih

  • dorell wright for nate would be the perfect trade for us. help us out lacob!!!

  • If its for Dorell Wright, who would be a pretty perfect fit for our needs (but maybe too good for the Warriors to give up), I’d consider giving up Semih, otherwise I wouldnt.

  • dam you I have the chips theme song suck in my head great phot shop by the way. either way we got to make a move for SF

  • I’ve got to agree about the win now vs. future thing. We’ve seen our championship window stay open longer than most expected. Most expected the Celtics big 3 to be significantly slipping at this point. We’ve got to take advantage of the position we are currently in and figure the rest out later.

  • I’d give up Nate for Wright. I’d happily toss in Bradley and draft picks, but salaries of Nate+Bradley for Wright doesn’t work.
    I’m not sure Nate+Semih for Wright is in our best interest. If we are assured of signing Troy Murphy or another serviceable big, then maaaaybe.
    In any scenario, ideally we give up 1 more guy than we get back, then have room to sign any big other than Eddy Curry.

  • I do not think, (hope?), Ainge would trade a player as valuable as Semih. As you pointed out while not elite, he is in a select group of NBA ready serviceable bigs.
    The hard part is finding someone the C’s can move.

  • Semi isn’t special. No trade to win now should be nixed because of his vague potential. He doesn’t have impact potential and can be replaced by any number of guys next year.

  • Great now all I been doing is humming the Chips theme song.