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Report: C’s, Warriors in Nate trade talks

What's funny here is the amount of "Nate Robinson needs to play in this Warriors system" jokes I heard last night.  

The obvious target on the Warriors for the Celtics is Dorrell Wright.  He would fill the hole the C's have at the 3 and do so with the most significant scoring punch of any of the people rumored so far.  He had 19 and 6 against the C's last night.  He can hit the 3 and he can play some defense.  

IF the C's can pry Wright away from Golden State for Nate and some sweeteners, then that would be a coup for Danny Ainge.  Wright makes $3.5 million and a deal for Nate straight up works financially, but it doesn't make sense talent-wise.  The C's would have to add something, perhaps draft picks, to make the deal more palatable for the Warriors.  In the end, though, I'm see no reason for the Warriors to trade a kid who has finally started to live up to his promise as a 19th pick… unless they see this as some kind of aberration and they're planning on selling high. 

No, I think this deal, if done, will be for someone else.  Perhaps this wil be a move to shore up another weakness:  Nate Robinson.  Maybe trading away Nate is a way to upgrade Nate… which would mean Charlie Bell is the target, not Wright.  He and Nate make almost the same money and they're both under contract for another year.  He's never been a great shooter but he was somewhat productive in Milwaukee.  And he's 6'3"… which will at least give the C's some length at the back-up 2 spot.  

So if it's a trade for Bell, then we're basically giving up Nate for a bigger Nate that might not take 3's two seconds into the shot clock.  I guess for our own health, that might not be a bad deal. 

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  • Trading for bell is a bad idea. Nate is bad, but i like his chemistry with Delonte. We have Wafer as a backup 2 so dont need depth there. If it’s not for Wright I dont think we should do this. I’d rather keep a known entity with Nate then risk it on Bell, who is basically too old and too short to be anything of use for us…

  • indeed, but I like the inspiration!

  • They might be after Reggie Williams.

  • I agree with JdotD….yes is it’s for Wright, otherwise keep the midget. Too bad Nellie isnt still there.. we could prob get Monta for Nate & JO…

  • Wright+Bell for Nate+Bradley+Quis works. Why G.S. would do this is beyond me. We’d have to throw in Semih. Potential horrible trades include:
    Nate for Bell
    Semih for anyone less than Battier
    Danny will figure out something that at first appears mediocre, but turns out to be genius.

  • I like that idea

  • Great Trade no matter if its Bell, Wright, Reggie Williams, or even Radmonavic. Nate is and will always be a liabilty because of his size. Bradley and D-West are much better fits because of their defensive prowess. But i have 2 admit… im really drueling over it maybe being Dorell Wright. That dude can just flat out ball.

  • He's young, could backup Pierce, seems like a good character guy…the
    more I think about it, the more I like it too. Who would you give up?
    Just Nate?

  • ANDDDDDD the deal is dead…
    the warriors probably just offered bell because danny has shown interest in him in the past, i believe if the warriors offered dorell the danny would have said yes instantly

  • Gotta trade Nate either way, and probably Erden. Our bench sucks these days, especially because Nate can’t buy a bucket, or make a pass. It would suck for Semi to go becuase I think he will be valuable in years to come.