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Recap: Rondo, rest of Big 4 smoke Golden State

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The Celtics and Warriors were playing at a video game pace for the first half of this game… going into halftime tied at 60.  But the C's clamped down the defense in the second half and won this one going away 115-93

After giving up 30 points in each of the first two quarters of this game, the Celtics didn't allow Golden State to score it's 30th second half point until there was 2:14 left in the game.  Meanwhile, Rajon Rondo celebrated his 25th birthday by going nuts (I wonder where I heard that would happen?) with 19 points, 15 assists, 6 rebounds and 2 steals.  Kevin Garnett was absolutely on fire early… he finished with 24 points, 12 rebounds and 6 dimes.  Paul Pierce had 23… a bunch of that came in the second half as the C's found him for dunk after dunk (he had three by my count).  Ray chipped in with 18. 

Glen Davis was the only bright spot on the bench.  He had 12 and 10 and was huge in that second half run.  The C's bench was so bad that Doc quickly re-inserted the starters when the subs showed signs of letting a second half lead slip away.  It was a solid move by Doc, because the Warriors couldn't stick with the C's first unit. 

Other notes: Monta Ellis was held in check.  He only had 15 on 6-18 shooting.  The Warriors shot 39% for the game.  The C's had 35 assists on 50 baskets.  They out-assisted Golden State 35-18.  They out-rebounded Golden St. 52-35. 

One bad note:  Kendrick Perkins left the game in the second half after banging knees with a Warrior.  He was noticeably favoring it as he walked off the floor… but anyone who has banged knees knows that it can stiffen up quickly as you get cold.  If it was REALLY serious, they would have brought him back to the locker room when it happened for testing.  The fact that he stayed on the bench makes me feel ok about him coming back from it ok.

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  • Let’s keep rolling and destroy the short-handed Nuggets on Thursday!

  • This was a great win when you consider the C’s struggles at Oracle. Welcome back D West and Semi! Too bad they kinda stunk up the place.
    Next stop a severly nerfed Denver who just had their way with Memphis. Should be good.

  • It was a god second half, though I cant stand listening to Walton…sometimes he says absurd things that are just hilarious…but when he tries to give life lesions from the booth to people like Luke while at the same time, laying into Semih, it makes me want to punch my TV. (though it was cool to hear Mike tell him to back off Semih).
    I honestly don’t think Walton could name 3 players on the team who aren’t starters. They have to give Mike someone better to work with on these road games…Walton is getting more annoying than funny.

  • Damn, Steph Curry can’t spell “defense.”
    In other news, our bench sucks. Please trade Nate “antoine 2.0” Robinson.