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Breaking: Jazz trade Deron Williams to New Jersey

Who saw THIS coming?

The Utah Jazz have agreed to deal All-Star point guard Deron Williams to the New Jersey Nets in a three-way deal that will send Derrick FavorsDevin Harris and two first-round draft picks to Utah, sources tell Y! Sports.

The Nets will also receive forwards Brandan Wright and Dan Gadzuric from the Golden State Warriors and send the Warriors forward Troy Murphy. New Jersey will also send $3 million to the Jazz.

The Troy Murphy thing is what was included in page 2 of today's Dump. 

But WOW… Deron Williams playing in New Jersey.  I'm shocked.  I'll tell you what though…. that DWill/Rondo matchup is going to be fun to watch more tha twice per year. 

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  • Well, the Nets finally have a definite star player now. Only time will tell how well they rebuild around him.

  • that’s firecracker like we say in poland

  • no way he resigns with them, so they probably should have kept their spare parts.

  • This is great news because now we know it’s possible Danny is working on a trade that has not leaked into the press.
    We need an Athlete to guard Lebron, Deng, Kobe, etc, when Pierce is not in the game. Those of you who read these things, know my preference is Battier, but if not Shane then another durable, strong, athletic, defensive minded 3. No, Troy Murphy is NOT the answer.
    I say trade our #1, Quis, Nate, Luke to get a quality defensive 3.
    Go Danny-Go!
    (just think, if Knicks can get Chris Paul next year, the Atlantic division will have D Will, Rondo, and Paul)

  • i read rumours that Celtics may get Dahnaty Jones who’s Tony Allen-type player, good defense, highflyer, no outside shooting

  • What’s with all the All-stars going to the East all of a sudden. LOL!

  • How convenient for our road trip. After dismantling GS, we can destroy the disemboweled Nuggets and then the leaderless Jazz. Maybe the Clippers are willing to shake up their roster too?

  • Better deal than Melo. A PG like Williams is way more valuable. Remains to be seen if he’ll sign.