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Your Morning Dump… Where Ray Allen can’t even stomach losing the shootout

Ray shooting 3point shootout
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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

With Pierce out of the picture, Ray was up, needing a 21 to emerge victorious and put the icing on his recently acquired three-point crown. He didn’t.

He started off the final session cold, was actually eliminated before reaching the final rack and finished with 15.

"I wanted to win badly,” said Allen, “and I didn't need to talk about it. I just wanted to do it. So it just … again, if I could find a gym tonight I'd go through it again, just to get that feeling out of my stomach."

CSNNE: Allen, Pierce come up short in 3-point contest

Man, having that kind of drive and obsessiveness really is a blessing and a curse.  

On the one hand, it's what made him what he is.  The guy is perhaps the best shooter of all time because he works on his shot so obsessively.  He's in the gym before everyone… he's there late.  Doc said flat out Ray takes more jumpers than anyone he's ever seen. 

On the other hand, he can't take a loss at a simple little event like the 3-point shootout without wanting to hit the gym immediately and rectify whatever he felt was off.  I'll bet it ate at him for the rest of the night.  Hell… I'll bet it's still bugging him this morning. 

So yeah… his drive and desire are amazing.  But that same drive and desire can be a curse too.

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On Page 2: Blake Griffin jumped over a car


This was the dunk-contest-winning dunk from last night.  

Impressive.  The actual dunk itself wasn't even in Griffin's top 10 dunks of the season…. but the creativity is interesting.  There were a lot of props pulled out in last night.  All in all, an interesting dunk contest… but the NBA's gotta figure out if it's gonna let guys use props or not. 

Can you imagine running a team and seeing your franchise player try to jump over a car?  I'm shocked that a Clipper didn't catch his foot on the hood and suffer a catastrophic leg injury.  That risk is why most of these big names don't take part anymore.

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  • I really think it’s way past time for the slam dunk contest to be replaced by a one on one tournament. Wouldn’t it be great to see 8 great players really competing for something they might care about?
    How about Red’s Army or one it’s talented followers start a facebook page or something that will promote the idea?

  • Griffen had this thing wrapped up before he performed his first dunk. The event was in La, which gave him an obvious advantage. The car was a KIA which sponsered the whole weekend. And fans voting allowed for a popularity contest rather than actuall skill. He jumped over the hood and did a pedestrian looking dunk. I think McGee and Ibaka got robbed. Three balls at once, and a free throw line launch way more impressive.