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Pierce: “Lamar’s gotta hit the weights a little more”


One thing about All Star weekend is that it is probably the highest concentration of elite-athletes busting each others' balls you'll find anywhere all year.  Paul Pierce, never one to shy away from lighting someone up, tossed a few ball-busty words at Lamar Odom.

The second-most annoying Celtic – come on, nobody can challenge Kevin Garnett – said he has seen Lamar Odom's Web commercial for "Unbreakable," the perfume Odom and Khloe Kardashian are marketing. In the ad, Odom is definitely shirtless and apparently trying to be sexy.

"I think Lamar's gotta hit the weights a little more," Pierce said. "He's got his shirt off, rolling around. He needs to bulk up to do that."

He was joking, of course. Also of course, the Celtics have learned that the Lakers can be beaten when they allow themselves to be pushed around. That's no joke.

Nah… I'm not so sure Paul was completely joking.  I did laugh, however, at the Orange County Register tossing in that last line about the Lakers being pushed around.  

It's funny cuz it's true

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  • What the fuck is wrong with you and KG?
    Does every post HAVE to let us know how much you hate him? STFU and go sit over there with all the other haters.
    You know what i’ll just stop coming here, you do what the fuck you like.

  • Pretty sure Red’s Army is quoting somebody else as saying KG is annoying in this post and not saying it themselves.

  • You have got to chill the fuck out, man. That was some LA writer calling KG the most annoying Celtic… not me.
    Do you understand how the quoting thing works? When we post a link, switch to green lettering and indent it… SOMEONE ELSE IS SAYING IT!!
    Christ. I’m sick of all the hyper-sensitivity around here when it comes to KG.

  • Ok folks. The whole thing comes from this funny story:

  • I hope you leave, honestly.
    One less moron to deal with. Can’t believe this guy still hasn’t figured out the green quote feature.

  • Please stop repeating that KG is a jerk. I know you Don’t mean it, but when you keep repeating it, that’s the result. Do you really think intensity and competitive drive make someone a jerk? Do you really think KG is more competitive than Jordan, Russell, Bird, Cowens?
    If you want to write about jerks, there are plenty of them in the NBA, and I’d be happy to hear about them.
    Give us news, your opinion, the opinions of Celtic fans, even fluff, but PLEASE stop repeating the ignorant opinions of opponents that want to tear the Cetics down. We get enough if that from Felger.
    I generally love Red’s Army an think you do a great job.

  • Who’s repeating KG’s a jerk? All I did was pull in a quote from an LA writer that was 99.9% about PAUL PIERCE MAKING FUN OF LAMAR ODOM!!!!!!!
    This post had nothing to do with KG. I don’t mention him at all.
    We’re making fun of the Lakers here in this post.
    And yes, I’m pissed off at the comments… because you can’t mention KG around here anymore without people hopping down our throats.
    We’re going to mention KG. People are going to call him a jerk and we’re going to tell you when they do. Just like we always have. But that’s not what we’re doing here.
    Jeez…. did anyone read what the post is actually about?