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James Dolan must be a goddamn moron

Isiah thomas dejected I'm pretty sure most Knicks fans would tell you that the darkest days of their franchise's history came with Isiah Thomas pulling the strings.  He hamstrung the franchise by making horrible… horrible deals.  Deals so bad that the franchise is only NOW finally able to recover. 

And what does this once proud franchise… this team that has risen from the morass of Zeke's rule to levels of respectability and excitement… do now that it is finally able to rub clean the last remnants of Isiah Thomas' stench?

They give him the power to do it all over again.

The thin veil of secrecy has torn away now, the pretenses gone and Isiah Thomas has left the shadows and moved into the light again. Once more, he is the New York Knicks’ top basketball executive.

Thomas is driving everything through owner James Dolan – the trade for Carmelo Anthony, the departure of Donnie Walsh and perhaps even the eventual hiring of the New York Knicks’ next president and general manager, multiple league sources told Yahoo! Sports.

“Isiah is calling the shots for New York,” said one front-office executive with knowledge of the Anthony trade talks. “It’s a disgrace. Donnie should walk.”

Yep, James Dolan is such a complete and utter idiot, he has given de facto contol of his franchise to the guy who destroyed it and made it a laughing stock… and is taking it away from the guy who is slowly rebuilding it.  Unless Dolan is being blackmailed, there is absolutely zero reason for any human being to be this much of a goddamn moron. 

I suppose I should be thanking him for clearing the path for a potential Celtics rival to fall by the wayside.  But I'm in such shock that this is even happening, I can't even bring myself be anything but in total awe of how the Knicks are being bungled. 

Meanwhile, what do you think is going on over at the Athletic Department at FIU… a team that has lost 10 of its last 11 games? They're 9-17.  And their head coach is doing what?  Engineering trades for the Knicks?  Are you friggin' kidding me? 

Isiah Thomas amazingly, unbelievably, against all reasonable thought, continues to not only find work…. but to find important, game-changing work within the world of basketball.  Despite his well documented track record of human napalm like destruction with wide-ranging ripple effects within this sport we all love, Isiah Thomas manages to make himself relevant. 

He is the basketball world's cockroach… surviving even the nuclear winters he creates.  And even though his continued existence in this realm will provide fodder for evisceration and humor… I still want this sick feeling of him ruining my favorite sport to go away.  

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  • …and to think Dolan nearly bought the Red Sox.

  • So how do you REALLY feel about it?

  • Isiah Thomas clearly has pictures of James Dolan with dead hookers. There is just no other explanation.

  • The fact that Zeke is working for the Bricks again is great news to abt C’s fan. Denver will fleece them for Melo and old man Chauncey.