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Who Invited James Jones Anyway?


The stage was set for what everyone wanted: a Paul Pierce and Ray Allen showdown in the finals of the three-point shoot contest. Ray had a monster first round, torching the field en route to 20 points.  Pierce got off to a rough start, but turned into Captain Clutch in the finals two racks to hit the clutch final moneyball to advance to the finals against Ray and James Jones of the Miami Heat.


Once in the finals, Pierce went first, scorching the nets with a score of 18.  Jones went second, only to surprisingly top Pierce's 18 with an impressive 20 (I blame the extra tendons in his surgically repaired wrist).  Ray went last (due to having the highest first round score) but fizzled out with just 15 points.  Jones spoiled the party like an uninvited freshman to an upperclassmen bash.  Like many Celtic fans pointed out, at least Miami can now say they beat Boston in something this season.  Here were the results:

First Round 

  • Ray Allen – 20
  • James Jones – 16
  • Paul Pierce – 12
  • Dorell Wright – 11
  • Daniel Gibson – 7
  • Kevin Durant – 6 


  • James Jones – 20
  • Paul Pierce – 18
  • Ray Allen – 15 

This was the best moment of the 3PT contest:


All images/screen caps credited to @jose3030

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  • Lol..I had a bad feeling about this. Paul and Ray were just kind of automatically predicted to go to the final round. Oh well.

  • So was the slam dunk contest any better this year? I doubt it could get much worse than last years stink fest.

  • The dunk contest was better than last year, but not by much. I don’t know about anyone else, but could they possibly squeeze any more goddamn commercials into the event. There’s commercials DURING the dunk contest now. McGee’s shoe promotion, KIA product placement… that is ridiculous.
    Americans try to make fun of Euro teams with their jersey’s decorated by corporate logos, but American sports are commercials with some athletes mixed in.

  • Firstly there was some great dunks this year – hardly any duds at all. Blake won cos he’s Blake. DeRozan’s 2nd dunk was the best.
    Secondly – can someone get rid of the Millers?? They’re painful talking about each other and they’re both boring as planks.

  • Pierce & Allen did set a record during practice today: http://on.fb.me/ghfcMq

  • I am so sick of the Millers too! Especially Cheryl. She’s not interesting at all.

  • I thought this years contest was much better. That first round was awesome!

  • I actually picked James Jones to win it. I thought it would be between him, Ray, and Dorrell Wright. All Wright and Jones shoot are 3s. That’s their entire game, nothing else. So no big surprise to me.

  • I’m sure the Heatles will hang a banner in honor of this great victory.