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Our new shirt sets the record straight

Simple math shirt
The Lakers trolls like to swing by and tell us how they've almost caught up to the Celtics.  Well, we're not so sure.  

Our new shirt breaks down some simple math when it comes to where our cities stand.  Swing by the "Laker Hating" section of our store to check it out.  Or check out the rest of our store for hundreds of other products.

By the way… if you're not connected to us on Facebook or on Twitter, you're missing out.  Our Twitter and Facebook friends get advanced looks at our desgins and even have input on what the final design looks like.  Check it out.

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  • fyi we’re climbing out of a recession and those shirts are crazy expensive (just like it is to run this site). try slashing those in 1/2

  • CafePress works like this: They charge a base price for each product. We charge a markup. So we only make about $3 or 4 a shirt. Less on other products.
    I’d love to pay $5 for each shirt and charge $10 for them. You’d get cheap shirts and we’d make more money…. but we can’t afford to buy all the product in advance and we don’t have time to ship products out. So this is what we can do.

  • Are any of the numbers for the old Minneapolis laker greats (who only played for the team in Minneapolis) retired and hanging in Staples Center? Mikan, Mikkelsen, Martin, etc or has the organization conveniently chosen to only honor the championships won by those teams?

  • According to Wikipedia, the Lakers have retired 7 numbers – Wilt, Baylor, Magic, Kareem, Worthy, West, Goodrich, and MIC for Chick Hearn. Notice all Los Angeles.
    They “Honored” six Minneapolis players by putting their initials in the stands, but did not retire their numbers.

  • those were the glory days when tshirts were $10-12. just busting ur ballz. i voted redsarmy for best fan blog. you guys are solid and put-out fun content. sorry for the low ball shot.
    easy answer to controlling cost is scaling [back] the merchandise line and buying in bulk and printing short run campaigns. as a software business owner i am always balancing options that will maximize optimal results. who needs a tshit that lasts 25 yrs 🙂

  • You shouldn’t be using CafePress. It’s a monster rip off for what amounts to a $5.00 Hanes t-shirts with letters on it. These are the type of shirts we should be getting for $10.00 max outside the Garden.

  • So they keep the championships and to hell with everything else? Nice.

  • They don’t hang the Minneapolis Championship banners either. Jerry Bus doesn’t care what happend before he got the team, except for the one ring they got with West and Wilt.

  • I hope the back of the shirt just has a huge middle finger.

  • Only a Boston fan would wear such a stupid shirt. The Lakers franchise has 16 NBA titles so get over it. It doesn’t matter if they won in Minneapolis, Los Angeles or Moscow.
    Celtics fans must be scared otherwise why sink to this level of paranoia? They are afraid that their totals will be eclipsed. Funny stuff.
    If the Celtics are so vastly superior why bother with us lowly Laker fans? Pahahahahahaha.