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Your Morning Dump… Speculation about Posey, Childress

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

Josh Childress, Phoenix: The Suns signed him to a five-year, $33.5 million deal last year and already are regretting the move. He has appeared in two games, logging 29 minutes, since Jan. 12. He is quite available. From a purely basketball standpoint, to trade Robinson and Daniels for Childress is a no-brainer for the Celtics. Childress is a pretty good perimeter defender. He's only 27. He does have some offensive skills. The Suns would probably do this in a heartbeat. For the Celtics, the big issue here is the four years beyond this one, which could be the deal-breaker. They already face re-signing Perkins and Davis. But the team is going to need to rebuild after the lockout and, under current rules, the Celtics do need 12 to 15 players on the roster. But the feeling may be that Childress isn't worth anything close to what he's due to receive and that there is too much money owed down the road. Another possibility would be to offer Jermaine O'Neal, even-up, for Childress. The Suns still save money here as well; he'd be on their payroll for one more year. The Celtics lose a big man, but how much can they expect from JO this year?

James Posey, Indiana: Big Game James has all but disappeared on the Indiana bench since Jim O'Brien was sacked, logging four minutes in the past 10 games. No one in Boston needs to be reminded of Posey's penchant for coming up big or for his locker room presence. He also knows the system. But he turned 34 in January and there was a sense in Boston after the 2008 title that Posey, then a free agent, might have already played his best basketball. Why would the Celtics revisit this one if they drew the line on a deal three years ago? (They wouldn't go out four years. New Orleans did. And Posey's contract took on another $670,000 via trade kicker when he was dealt to the Pacers.) Like the Childress deal, this one would require both Daniels and Robinson and would save the Pacers some $3 million. (Or, Jermaine O'Neal could be packaged back to Indy, saving the Pacers almost $1.4 million next year.) Either of those scenarios would go over well in cash-strapped Indiana. But the Celtics would be taking on Posey's contract, worth more than $7 million. If they think Posey has anything left this season, it might be worth a gamble. There's another $7 million due next year, but some of that could get wiped away by a lockout. (Same is true for Childress.)

ESPN Boston – What's out there for Cs?

Some intriguing options provided by Peter May. I prefer the older Posey over Childress mainly because of the contract. Fewer years and money.

I'm not ready to pull the trigger on Nate Robinson. Yes, he's struggled but I have a feeling it will click at some point this season. Plus, he's needed as insurance for Delonte West.

What are your thoughts about trading Jermaine O'Neal? Seems like a no-brainer, but I'd like to have both Jermaine and Shaq (as insurance for one another) in the playoffs. If you dump JO and Shaq isn't available, suddenly size isn't the Celtics strength.

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On Page 2, will the Celtics All-Stars have any friends in LA?

While Rivers joked about his approach to coaching these players, he isn’t overly concerned once the game starts.

“I’m going to tell them to get it on,” he smiled. “Hey, let’s get some action going in the locker room. I think what we’re going to do is just have everybody have separate seats in the locker room and face the lockers and not look at each other.

“It’ll be when they get in there and I think it’s all good. Listen, back in the days there was a lot of animosity with each other, and then they got on the floor and they loved each other, and the next day they didn’t like each other again. So that’s just the beast.”

Rivers is taking a lighthearted approach to coaching the Eastern Conference team. When it comes to preparation, he laughed that he is going to leave it up to assistant coach Lawrence Frank.

“Actually, as a matter of fact, I told Lawrence he’s planning the practice," Rivers said. “We’re running his plans. The ones that don’t work are his. The ones that work are mine.”

CSNNE – Rivers tasked with uniting Eastern all-stars

While this makes for a good storyline, I don't expect any problems. And Doc's right, there was much more on-court animosity among players back in the 80s and 90s.

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  • paul

    Mainly, I want to see more of the younger guys, and I’d like to see more of Rondo playing with them.

  • D

    I know I’ll probably get killed for this but I would package Davis, and Nate to Houston for Battier.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    With Perk back, I think Shaq and Semih are enough.
    JO is too much a bet, even if he comes back healthy you might lose it for another month at the first accident.

  • Caterpillar from Italy

    What’s up with BBD???

  • I don’t like any of those options. Stand pat and give Harangody and Wafer lots of minutes. Semi and Delonte will be back and with BBD and Nate that gives us a decent complete bench squad. I don’t believe Marquis will be out all that long. Just my opinion but I think if he was a football player he would be back next week. Any updates on his condition or am I way off on this?
    We have a cupcake month or so coming up and it would be the perfect time to get the bench more time to mesh under real game situations.

  • Alex

    Getting rid of Big Baby is the dumbest idea ever. Seriously.

  • D

    Honest to goodness I just have never liked him or his game. Earlier in the season when he started shooting more shots per game than PP or Allen that was the final straw. I always felt he thought he was better than he actually is. I’m pretty sure it’s just me.

  • D

    Pretty sure it’s not the dumbest idea ever. Have you ever heard of a show called “Homeboys From Outer Space”? Now that was a dumb idea!

  • Lee in Arizona via Oregon

    Childress sucks. Am I missing something? Posey I would take back in a second but only if he gets bought out.
    Trade Jermaine? Who would want him at this point, Miami?
    Not a Nate fan, especially the way Von has been playing, but yeah, the little guy will at some point come in handy.

  • Bravo!!! just got fired for laughing to loud, but it was worth it. dam the Waffle House 3rd time i’ve been fired from there

  • Classless

    What a joke of an article. There is ZERO percent chance any team takes on Jermaine’s contract. Why would they want to pay him 6.5 mil to be hurt? Posey is washed up and Childress sucks (if he can’t crack Phx weak lineup then he won’t here).

  • bring back vitaly

    what happened to childress in greece?
    i seem to remember him being pretty solid while playing for atlanta; explosive player, at least good on the offensive end.
    my memory has failed me before, but three years ago, wouldnt we all have been happy to have rondo tossing balls to childress?
    i guess i’d have to agree with classless. if he cant do anything in phx with nash, he chances here arent good.
    that said, if it could happen, i would like to see him return to pre-greece form in a green uniform.
    screw it tho, get posey, we got the beast back already, how’s pj brown doin, sheed?, sam cassel anyone?
    lets go

  • idaho.jim

    Childress tore it up in Greece. His team was back to back champions or in the championship. He’s not playing in PHX because he is sitting behind Grant Hill and Vince Carter. JO for Childress is a no brainer. As far as the C’s size down the stretch…let’s not forget Semih is 7′ and will throw down a hard foul. That’s 3 legit Centers and 2 PF…Childress is tall and long and a good young defender.

  • Alex

    Ahh, you got me there.

  • Bigmck

    A team would take on Jermaine’s contract if they were giving up a player owed more money. So there is some logic.

  • TJames

    Big Baby has a case for 6th man of the year, although he ha struggled as of late. However, there is no way in hell I would trade him. The man brings all kinds of energy and hustle. His shot selection and the fact that he never passes sucks, but you gotta look beyond that. He does the right things for this team.

  • Nick

    As Peter May said in his article, we could have Josh Childress for a bag of peanuts… They just want out of that contract, and out of all the names on the 2 lists Childress should excite Celtic fans the most… What are they key components we are looking for to add to the backup 2/3 spot? I’de say 1st and foremost is defense. Childress is 27 and much better defensively than anybody else on the list at this stage of their careers. Josh Chldress is a stud, right now he’s just in a system that don’t really fit him. I’de take back Posey but he’s not what he once was and we all need to realize that. Anthony Parker is just awful, I’ve never known why people were clamoring for him last year or this year… he just plain isn’t any good, Von Wafer is a much much better player than Parker. I’de love to have Childress or Andres Nocioni. Those are 2 guys we should look hard at!

  • idaho.jim

    Nocioni has fallen out of the rotation in PHI or is he banged up. He has a championship pedigree and can knock down the long ball. I’d still take Childress over any of the other names mentioned, including Parker.

  • jared

    JO is dead wood. Get him out of here and bring in someone who can move. Any of the live bodies mentioned would be a vast improvement (over nothing).