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Site announcement: You’ll be required to sign-in to comment

RedsArmyAdmin February 18, 2011 Uncategorized 28 Comments

I'l admit… sometimes I enjoy messing with all the trolls that swing by.  But, quite frankly, they're annoying the hell out of me.  So we're making a switch to cut down on the spammers.

We're going to require readers to sign in to comment.  It might add an annoying step at first for a bunch of you… and we're sorry for that.  We hope that doesn't discourage you from commenting.  What we hope for is the elimination of the random, drive-by jackasses.  

We want this to be a place for Celtics, and NBA fans to enjoy themselves.  I'm perfectly happy with fans of other teams coming by to debate or even talk a little trash.  But I want those fans to stand up for themselves and own it… not be cowards who hide under fake emails and make vulgar comments that add nothing.  

So I'm sorry for those of you who have to take an extra couple of steps.  There should be a "remember me" option so we hope you don't have to sign in every time.  Also, Google Chrome and Firefox have "remember my password" options… so you can hopefully save yourself the step that way. 

As always, we thank you for reading… and we apologize if the trolls have detracted from that experience.  We hope this fixes the problem.

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  • http://profile.typepad.com/kwapt KWAPT

    Word. And for those of you still using Internet Explorer, download Google Chrome. It’s free and SO much better. You’ll only have to sign-in once-it will be automatic after that.

  • http://profile.typepad.com/brandonat1899 Rondo To KG

    Glad you did this. Now the trolls are going to have to own up to their comments.

  • http://profile.typepad.com/6p014e5f506647970c alistair

    Hi I’m alistair – used to be KGHaTTR!! Which name u like best??
    Seriously – good move though…

  • http://profile.typepad.com/ayamefan13 Lorilei

    This is a good idea, the trolls were getting annoying, that’s for sure.

  • http://profile.typepad.com/redsarmy Red’s Army

    Good… I’m glad to see a positive reaction so far. All we want is for you guys to have a good experience when you’re here.

  • http://profile.typepad.com/ekishani bostonfanatheart

    hey at least you know youre doing something right with your site. trolls = successful site.

  • http://profile.typepad.com/celticfan822 Nick

    Good Idea…. to many Laker fags that are getting to be a neusence!

  • http://profile.typepad.com/sothewind Lee in Oregon

    Personally I’ve wanted this for a long time. Well done fellas, hope everyone is enjoying the break.
    Brad in LA, are you going to the game on Sunday?

  • http://profile.typepad.com/6p01156f5cd064970c Count Istvan 17-11 9-3.


  • http://profile.typepad.com/tcsherwood KY Celts fan

    Long time coming. I like it better this way actually. I won’t have to fill in that form every time when I use my phone to make a comment.
    So does this mean that you’ll be blocking all the trolls? Cuz that would be FANTASTIC!

  • http://profile.typepad.com/norag79 Nora

    Thanks for doing this. Hopefully it cuts down on the trolling.

  • http://profile.typepad.com/norag79 Nora

    You can edit now too. That’s cool.

  • http://profile.typepad.com/tcsherwood KY Celts fan

    I’ve known you as KGHaTTR for so long now, but since To The Ruins doesn’t post here anymore, it kinda doesn’t make a lot of sense. I forget what your name was before that.
    But I can get used to alistair.

  • http://profile.typepad.com/antbar0100 Antonio Barbosa

    This was a great idea Reds Army. I`am no saint, but I think structure is good. Rules of engagement. Most importantly RESPECT. Just because we disagree,We do not have to degrade. Thanks

  • http://profile.typepad.com/6p014e5f506647970c alistair

    Used to be Al – I’m signing in here using a yahoo account so using my real name. Agreed about ToTheRuins – he disappeared just as KG started playing better!!

  • http://profile.typepad.com/6p01156f5d5008970c Jester00

    will i have tell everyone my real name and email. i do no want people to track me down in my trailer. plus i just lost my job a the waffle house so i don’t want future bosses know about my drinking will my id be safe??? i am hammered and really couldn’t read what you said so i may be missing something dam that 18 packs of miller light and captian and caffee free diet coke mmmmmmmmm i will re-read in the morning when things stop spinning!!!

  • http://profile.typepad.com/antbar0100 Goceltics

    Ay bro, Make sure you drink another first thing in the morning.LOL

  • http://profile.typepad.com/lobbe Caterpillar from Italy

    Good move. It won’t hurt the team.. ;)

  • http://profile.typepad.com/bradius BRADinLA

    Oh man, I wish. It’s killing me too because I live so close to Staples Center, but I’m making a film soon and all my attention/money is on that right now. I do want to throw my Rondo shirt on and walk around LA Live and see what kind of NBA-type adventures/trouble I can get into.

  • http://profile.typepad.com/bradius BRADinLA

    I was actually hoping you would do this soon. The trolls were getting so bad that I didn’t even want to read the comments anymore and I was wondering if you guys had some way of filtering them. Way to go!

  • http://profile.typepad.com/sparkyjones Sparky Jones

    Good – Will it stop the jackasses putting up those articles telling us how much of a jackass KG is do ya think?

  • http://profile.typepad.com/amakeshiftwing cez

    Turns out I already had an account so no big deal for me.
    I hope the true celtics haters stick around but the trolling really was getting out of control.

  • http://profile.typepad.com/mikemunger Mike Munger

    Aww…but playing kick the trolls was a fun game. LOL.

  • http://profile.typepad.com/licktheglassitol Classless

    You mean I won’t see inspiring comments such as “Cel-dicks suck”? Darn…

  • http://profile.typepad.com/hilary8484 Hilary8484

    (Formerly CFH.)
    Thanks for all your work on this great site!

  • http://profile.typepad.com/jmacpi33 I bleed green in L.A.

    what happend to TTR, I hated that guy. Closet Celtic-hater.

  • http://profile.typepad.com/jmacpi33 I bleed green in L.A.

    Finally safe for my blood pressure to visit this site more often, THANKS.

  • http://profile.typepad.com/garrett4cannon Garrett Cannon