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RedsArmy presents FanFriday #10: “Spanning the Globe”



This week's Fan Friday is dedicated to the many Celtics fans that travel from all over the globe to see the green play at TD Garden. This year alone, I have hung out with, met or seen Celtics fans from Japan, Italy, France and other nations at the TD Garden.

It's obvious that names like Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Dwight Howard have global appeal. But franchises with the rich history & tradition like the Celtics truly bring people to the Garden from the ends of the earth.

This past December, Celtics fan and occaisional RedsArmy contributor Drucci came to Boston from France to see the Garden and the Celtics. I had a chance to attend a game w/the young fella, and he had a great time. Matter of fact, it was pregame that night where we met a guy who had travelled from Japan to see his 1st Celtics game. I was truly impressed with the loyalty and pure love these guys have for the C's.

Most recently, a group of friends from Bergamo, Italy made their way to Boston. I communicate w/these guys often via the web, and let me tell you, they are diehards. They saved their money, made arrangements with their jobs and families, and made the trek to the 617. I can't even fathom being completely dedicated to a sports team on another continent and making the journey across the ocean to see them. Big props to these guys: Stefano, Michele, Marco, Aurico, Giancarlo and the rest of CelticNation Italy!


This piece only highlights a smidgen of the Celtics fans that rep CelticNation all over the world. On Twitter, I've met great fans from LatviaTurkeyAustralia and many other countries. There are also some fantastic blogs out there from overseas. GoogleChrome will translate them easily, and it's a great way to get different opinions and viewpoints on all things Celtics.

Hope you've all enjoyed another FanFriday. I've had some requests come in for features on specific fans that frequent the Garden, and I'm hoping to feature each one before season's end. Get at meJohn, or Chuck if you have any suggestions or requests. Thanks for reading!

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  • Keep up the fan friday it always reminds me that it is near beer 30 plus it breaks up my afternoon. Good stuff.

  • Thx Jes-glad you like them!

  • fickwalker

    I love Fan Friday. Thanks for the shoutout. 🙂

  • Cheers to all the other fans that flew over to the Garden! My brother and I flew down from Australia for the Lakers game on Feb 10, it was a fantastic experience, makes us wish we live in Boston. Love the Garden crowd!